DC on 'Planetary' delays, 'Danger Girl' slips

Frustrated fans of DC/Wildstorm's "Planetary" series have been waiting for issue 12 at least since its stated September 13 ship date.

So what happened? A DC Comics representative told the Comic Wire the book has been delayed for two reasons: Creators Warren Ellis and John Cassaday have been busy working on the "Batman/Planetary: Night on Earth" special, but illness has also slowed the book down. Work on the book is reportedly "back on track" now, and issue 12 is now scheduled for a November 1 street date.

And in news that will surprise, frankly, no one, DC announced Wednesday that chronically tardy Cliffhanger series "Danger Girl" will miss the scheduled ship date for its year-in-the-making issue #7. Most recently solicited for October 25, it has now been given a November 15 ship date.

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