DC Offers Increased Discounts on "The Intimates" #1

Official Press Release

THE INTIMATES, one of WildStorm's most eagerly anticipated launches for 2004, is set to reach comic book stores in November! Written by Joe Casey, with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jim Lee & Sandra Hope and covers by Lee & Hope, THE INTIMATES is co-created by Lee & Casey, with character designs by Lee. The series introduces a new team of teen heroes who are learning to save the world one class at a time! Along with art by Camuncoli & Hope, the series features additional panels of a comic-within-a-comic by Lee & Hope.

To welcome the team to the WildStorm Universe, DC offers retailers a 5% increase in their discounts on THE INTIMATES #1. The increased discounts are based on quantities orders, as shown in the chart below:

LevelMinimum Order

QuantityDiscount earned on

"The Intimates" #135%540%40%1045%50%2055%52.5%4057.5%55%8060%56%30061%57$90062%

"Whenever you've got a new series with Jim Lee's involvement, it's big news," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "We're happy to help retailers take advantage of this exciting launch with the added discount."

Please note that this incentive applies to initial orders of issue #1 only.

THE INTIMATES #1 is solicited in the September issue of Previews (Volume XIV #9) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on November 3.

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