DC offers increased discounts incentives for April 'Superman' titles

Official Press Release

This April, a new era dawns for the Man of Steel as three dynamic teams take the reins on his monthly titles: Writer Brian Azzarello and artists Jim Lee & Scott Williams take over SUPERMAN, with writer Greg Rucka and artists Matt Clark & Nelson on ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN and writer Chuck Austen and artists Ivan Reis & Marc Campos on ACTION COMICS.

Now, DC Comics adds to the excitement of the new teams' debuts by offering qualifying retailers an additional 5% discount on all initial orders for ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #627, ACTION COMICS #814 and SUPERMAN #204.

Retailers may qualify for the additional 5% discount on each title as follows:

"All of the new writers and artists come to the table with their own strong reputations, so we expect to see significant heat with these issues," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "We're pleased to offer this additional discount to make sure retailers get the most out of the new teams' debuts."

Please note that this discount applies to initial orders only. Retailers must qualify for each title separately. Each store must qualify separately.

ACTION COMICS #814 (FEB040239), ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #627 (FEB040240) and SUPERMAN #204 (FEB040241), are solicited in the February issue of Previews (Volume XIV #2).

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