DC Offers Free Retailer Incentive with "Superman: The Wrath of Gog" TPB

Official Press Release

This May, DC Comics will release the SUPERMAN: THE WRATH OF GOG TP (MAR050390). To coincide with this, DC offers retailers a special sales incentive: for every two copies of the trade ordered, retailers will receive a free KINGDOM: GOG MEDIUM STATUE (STAR08596) - a $79.95 value!

The SUPERMAN: THE WRATH OF GOG TP collects ACTION COMICS #814 - 819 plus backup stories ACTION COMICS #812 and 813. These stories, written by Chuck Austen with art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Marc Campos and Jon Sibal, pit the Man of Steel against a horde of enemies from Darkseid to the Weapons Master - ending in a fierce battle against Gog himself.

This offer is available only on initial orders. Please note that supplies of THE KINGDOM: GOG MEDIUM STATUE are limited.

The SUPERMAN: THE WRATH OF GOG TP (MAR050390) will be solicited in the March issue of Previews (Volume XV #3). It is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 11 with a cover price of $14.99 U.S.

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