DC offeres retailer incentive for "Hellblazer Special: Chas"

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This July, one of comics' perennial sidekicks takes the spotlight in HELLBLAZER SPECIAL: CHAS - THE KNOWLEDGE #1, the first issue of a 5-part Vertigo miniseries.

DC Comics offers qualifying retailers a special ordering incentive on this debut issue: Retailers who place orders on HELLBLAZER SPECIAL: CHAS - THE KNOWLEDGE #1 equal to or greater than their final orders on HELLBLAZER #242 (JAN080252) may make returns of up to 50% on this issue.

HELLBLAZER PRESENTS: CHAS - THE KNOWLEDGE is written by Simon Oliver (THE EXTERMINATORS, GEN13), with art by Goran Sudzuka (Y: THE LAST MAN) and covers by Glenn Fabry (PREACHER).

As issue #1 opens, cab driver Francis "Chas" Chandler is leading an unremarkable existence. His greatest moments have come tagging along with John Constantine - as a chauffeur. His home life is nothing special, and his beloved London is becoming a soulless metropolis. In middle age, Chas is stuck in a rut.

But Chas is a master of "The Knowledge," the elaborate system of routes and landmarks which every London cabbie must memorize. Until now, The Knowledge has been just a tool for Chas. And now, he's about to discover a more sinister significance of The Knowledge. An ominous entity from London's grim past has reemerged, and only someone with The Knowledge can stop it. Is Chas up to the task, on his own?

DC will announce the return window for this issue at a later date. HELLBLAZER SPECIAL: CHAS - THE KNOWLEDGE #1 is solicited in the May Previews, and is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 2.

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