Green Arrow: DC Has Plans to Resurrect the Recently Canceled Series

Some good news for Green Arrow fans has arrived. Though the comic by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Javier Fernandez will be ending with issue #50, released in stores today, a new series is in the works.

The conclusion of the hero's current story arc marks the end of the Green Arrow's Rebirth-era run. But on the latest episode of DC Daily, DC’s co-publisher Dan DiDio promises there's more to come. “It's a milestone issue - it's also the last issue, which is kind of interesting," DiDio stated. "The book is still performing well for us, but we decided to end the story there because we wanted Green Arrow to play very intricately in a lot of the stories and events that are about to take place across the DCU.”

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Not only will a new series be launching, but it sounds like Oliver Queen will be playing a more significant role in the larger DCU.

"Every once in a while you need to do a reset," ," DiDio continued. "You saw that with Green Lanterns to The Green Lantern with Grant Morrison, so I feel that with Green Arrow we wanted to take a moment to reset and make him part of the bigger DCU again then spin him out."

Details have not yet been released regarding when the new series will launch, or who will join the creative team.

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