DC's New Age of Heroes Suffers From an Old-School Lack of Diversity


DC Comics is taking a bold gamble with its upcoming "New Age of DC Heroes" lineup, comprised of either entirely new characters or bold new spins on beloved properties that have struggled to find a place in modern comics. To promote the initiative, the publisher has gone all in by assigning the biggest names in its stable to these new concepts to help them get off the ground. However, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it’s not quite a “New Age” at all -- because while many of the characters might be new, the concepts in many cases seem all too familiar and the creators, for the most part, are the same veterans who have called DC Comics home for the past decade.

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The first thing that jumps out is that across these eight new titles, there are no women involved as either writers or artists. That isn’t an accident, and it isn’t innocent either; it’s representative of an industry that passes over talented women for opportunities and makes them work twice as hard for half as much recognition. It’s true that the creators on The New Age of DC Heroes are some of the biggest names in comics, but it’s important to note the circumstances that lead to eight brand-new titles without a single woman among the primary creators.


Comic critic J.A. Micheline made an excellent point that DC’s continued employment of veteran editor Eddie Berganza, who was fired last month after years of sexual misconduct complaints, is likely related to the seeming lack of A-list female creators at the publisher. Since the publication of the BuzzFeed article that confirmed one of the most shameful open secrets in comics, multiple women, including Amy Chu and Sophie Campbell, have discussed how they were uncomfortable at the idea of working under Berganza, and BuzzFeed's reporting revealed that when forced to choose between confronting Berganza’s behavior or taking editorial duties away from Liz Gehrlein Marsham, DC’s Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras chose Berganza, which ultimately led to her leaving the publisher.

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