How the 'New Age of DC Heroes' Titles Tie Into Dark Nights: Metal


This is another new team, but it's led by Immortal Man, a character who was introduced in Strange Adventures #177 in 1965. What we know so far is that Immortal Man heads up a group who wage a secret war against the shadowy House of Conquest. We first heard about this organization in Dark Days: The Forge #1, where we saw Immortal Man talking to an unknown character in the Immortal Men headquarters, The Campus. He tells the unidentified man that he tried to recruit Duke Thomas’ mother, Elaine Thomas many years ago. We find out in the same issue that Duke Thomas, aka The Signal, has the cosmic metal in his blood.

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In Metal #2 we meet the Council of Immortals which includes most of DC’s most notable undying heroes and villains including Kendra Saunders, Vandal Savage, Cain, Abel, The Stranger, Uncle Sam, The Wizard Shazam, Ras Al Ghul and Morgaine le Fey. It is unclear how they are connected to The Immortal Men, except that Immortal Man is a member of both parties. While TheImmortal Men #1 won't be released until March 14, there is a preview out that gives us a sneak peek at a new character named Caden Park, who we know will be recruited onto the team.


The original Challengers of the Unknown have played a major role in the Metal storyline. In Dark Days: The Casting #1 we learn Carter Hall worked with the Blackhawks and the Challengers on the Dark Multiverse mystery. Further, it was the Challs who volunteered to go on the mission to find the Dark Multiverse.

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The Challengers are also mentioned in Dark Nights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1, in which Detective Chimp states, “From my calculations, while escaping the Dark Multiverse, The Challengers of the Unknown used Red Tornado’s wind harmonics as a guide to the House of Heroes, before returning to Earth.” Of course, their biggest impact (no pun intended) in this whole event was when Challenger Mountain appeared smack dab in the middle of Gotham at the beginning of Metal #1.

Although New Challengers #1 doesn’t drop until May, we do know from the solicit that Challenger Mountain will select a new team of five, and that they will follow the orders of the mysterious Professor -- who may be an existing character with deep ties to the original team.


It is unclear thus far how the last two New Age of Heroes titles, The Curse of Brimstone and The Unexpected, tie into Metal. Without the first issue of either, and not having seen how Snyder's crossover event wraps up in Metal #6, we are still largely in the dark. However, we have collected a couple of scarce details.

The original Brimstone in DC continuity was a creature created by Darkseid. The new Brimstone (pictured above) is Joe Chamberlain of York Hill. This small town kid unwittingly made a deal with the devil that gave him the power of fire and destruction. This fresh take was created by artist Philip Tan and writer Justin Jordan.

We know even less about The Unexpected. DC had a horror/mystery series titled The Unexpected that ran from 1968-1982, and it featured characters like Abel, Madame Xanadu, and The Three Witches. This new comic is written by Steve Orlando with art by Ryan Sook, and is about a four heroes looking for redemption. Presumably the Nth metal and/or the Dark Mutliverse will factor into both of these titles, but we'll have to wait just a bit longer to find out how.

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