DC Nation One-Shot Previews Batman, Superman and Justice League Future

DC Comics has continued its momentum on an already busy news day with the first details of the DC Nation #0 one-shot, a 32-page comic previewing the future of Batman, Superman and the Justice League.

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Writers Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Jiménez will preview the recently announced Justice League: No Justice event; Tom King and Clay Mann will present a Batman story where the Joker finds out about Batman and Catwoman's upcoming nuptials; and Brian Michael Bendis and comics legend José Luis García-López team for a Superman story leading into the Man of Steel miniseries set to shake up the superhero icon's status quo. DC Nation #0 is scheduled for release on May 2, three days before the comic book industry's annual Free Comic Book Day, and it's just about as close to free as you can get while parting with some pocket change -- 25 cents in print, free as a digital download.

DC Nation #0 cover by Jorge Jiménez

The return of the DC Nation name -- used by the company in various ways over the year, including a 2012-2014 animation block on Cartoon Network -- won't be just for the one-shot. It's also the title of a new "free, full-sized fan magazine" from the publisher, available at comic book shops and as a digital download. The first DC Nation magazine is scheduled for release on June 6.

Earlier on Thursday, DC Comics officially confirmed the first full-scale plans for Brian Michael Bendis, following his 17-plus-year stint at Marvel. Bendis will write both the Superman and Action Comics ongoing series, preceded by a six-issue weekly Man of Steel miniseries. Additionally, he's also brought his full slate of Jinxworld creator-owned series to DC, and will head up his own "custom imprint."

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