DC Just Introduced the Cosmic 'Villains' of Justice League: No Justice

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for DC Nation #0's No Justice: Prelude by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez and Andworld Design, on sale now.

DC Comics' Justice League family of titles are undergoing a makeover this summer. The events of Dark Nights: Metal have introduced new dangers and threats to the DC Universe, which will call for brand new teams and alliances to be formed.

While Metal's epilogue teased what's on the horizon for the Justice League, last week's 25¢ DC Nation #0 put the team's latest villains on center stage in a big, big way. As far as enemies go, these creatures are quite possibly the largest roadblock the Justice League will ever face -- and there are four of the cosmic behemoths.

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Four The Hard Way

Those of you who have kept up with the recent Justice League: No Justice announcements are already aware that the weekly event series will feature the Superman villain Brainiac assembling heroes and villains from across the DC Universe into four distinct teams, based on four cosmic energy signatures: Team Entropy, Team Mystery, Team Wonder and Team Wisdom. DC Nation #0 gives our first look at the teams working together on Brainiac's homeworld of Colu, but it somehow provides more questions than answers.

One of the many things that will make No Justice so entertaining is watching the various groups try and coexist without killing each other. The way Brainiac put the teams together raises so many questions -- for example, why is Beast Boy on Team Entropy with the likes of Lex Luthor, Lobo and Deathstroke. and who are they racing to free from a cell block? Why is Harley Quinn on Team Wisdom with the big brains?

Larger Than Life

The four teams mentioned above won't be the only ones to play a role in No JusticeNightwing and the Suicide Squad's handler, Amanda Waller, will lead a fifth Earth-based team, with writer Scott Snyder hinting there may be even more teams than those already revealed.

Though Nightwing and Waller don't make an appearance in DC Nation #0, we do see Green Arrow and Supergirl patrolling Earth's skies, so there is a possibility both of these heroes will get involved in the coming conflict despite not having officially been designated to a particular team. The more exuberant Supergirl is feeling optimistic about the Justice League's chances of victory, while Green Arrow remains a realist about the situation.

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As Supergirl leaves Earth's orbit, she encounters a bird's eye view of the four Omega Titans. Their massive size makes Supergirl look like a floating ant, while our planet looks like it could fit in the palm of one of their hands.

Superman may be the DC Universe' most powerful superhero, and Batman may be its most brilliant detective, but a person has to wonder if their impressive resumes will be enough to stop the Omega Titans from consuming Earth. The threat is only made even worse by the fact that it's the Justice League's fault that the Omega Titans were awakened in the first place after the League's actions led to the Source Wall being broken. The super team created this mess, and now it's up to them to fix it.

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Jorge Jimenez's final splash page should give everyone a clear picture of what awaits the Justice League. This week's first chapter of Justice League: No Justice should offer more information on the Omega Titans, as well as answering if Brainiac is really to be trusted.

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