DC Nation Comes To Cartoon Network

The multimedia might of DC Entertainment earned a vote of confidence from one of its most frequent Warner Bros. family partners today as the up front for kids cable giant Cartoon Network revealed a new strategic partnership between DC and CN with a familiar name to comic fans.

As revealed in Turner Broadcasting's official press release about the annual up front which reveals the slate of Cartoon Network's shows for 2012, a brand-new DC Nation block of programming will occupy major space in the channel's plans for 2012.

Described as "a multi-platform, branded block of original programming," DC Nation will be seen primarily on air starting next year with promises of exclusive online content as well. "DC Nation on Cartoon Network will be the first-ever dedicated broadcast destination to showcase the depth and breadth of the DC Universe," DCE President Diane Nelson said in the release. "We and our partners at WBTV are thrilled that fans will be able to immerse themselves in DC's phenomenal stories, experience a wide spectrum of amazing characters and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings of the world's greatest superheroes and their creators, both on-air and online."

While there were no program specifics at this point in time for the DC Nation block itself, however plenty of news hit that would be of interest to comic fans. The network officially confirmed debuts for animated series fans have been aware of for a while now including "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" - a CGI show hitting on the heels of the incoming Warner Bros. movie - as well as the anime relaunch of '80s iconic toon "ThunderCats."

Furthermore, Cartoon Network executives confirmed new season orders for existing comic shows including "Batman: The Brave & The Bold" and "Young Justice" as well as declaring more expansion plans for the "Ben 10" franchise created by comic collective Man of Action (the current "Ultimate Alien" series earns a new season while another iteration of the show, still unnamed, is in the works).

Even more offbeat sections of the comics world got in on the action as plans for more "MAD" animated shorts based on the comics humor magazine were announced as well as the official release of cartoonist Ben Jones' "The Problem Solverz."

For more on DC Nation and all the news out of the Cartoon Network up front, see Turner Broadcasting, and be sure to stay tuned to CBR News and Spinoff Online for more on all the DC/WB shows in store for the future.

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