DC Nation #4 Cover Promises the Death of a DC Hero

DC has officially revealed the contents of DC Nation #4, which will be available in comic shops on September 5th. While the content promised within the magazine is certainly interesting, perhaps the most eye-catching thing about DC Nation #4 is its bold proclamation that one of the characters shown on its cover will be killed off three weeks following its release.

The cover for DC Nation #4 features Robin, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Arsenal, Cyborg and Booster Gold. Below them is ominous text that reads, "...in 21 days, one of these characters dies!" Which of these six characters will meet their demise, as well as how long it will stick, are likely to be major talking points among DC's readers in the coming weeks.

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In addition to the morbid promise that an iconic character will likely bite the dust soon, DC Nation #4 will also feature the following:

  • A feature on Heroes in Crisis with insights on post-traumatic stress syndrome from a prominent psychologist.
  • An interview with Wonder Woman's new writer G. Willow Wilson.
  • Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp discussing Green Lantern.
  • Dan DiDio reveals the latest details on Sideways.
  • A look at new developments in Justice League: Odyssey.
  • A profile of Teen Titans' breakout star Crush.
  • Comparing and contrasting Action Comics and Superman.
  • A Direct Currents section spotlighting comics set to arrive in comics shops in October.

DC Nation #4 will be released for free on September 5.

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