DC Nation #0 Variants Feature Gruesome Batman Wedding, Justice League

Two new variant covers for DC's upcoming DC Nation #0 one-shot have been unveiled, teasing very different developments for the future of the DC Universe within the pages of the special.

One variant is illustrated by Clay Mann, who also handles interior art on a short story with writer Tom King. The cover, which Mann showed off on Twitter on Friday, is colored by Jordie Bellaire and depicts The Joker presiding over a lethal wedding ceremony between Batman and Catwoman -- the happy couple with the signature rictus grin that befalls many of the Clown Prince of Crime's victims.

The other is by Jorge Jimenez, who illustrated a DC Nation story in the special with writers Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson. The cover, which Jimenez shared on Twitter on Monday, is colored by Alejandro Sánchez and shows the future female roster of the Justice League in action, with Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Starfire and Zatanna leading the charge. Jimenez noted that it's the rarest variant cover for the issue, with a ratio of 1:500.

The 32-page special contains three different short stories providing prologues to several major events DC has planned for this summer. Tom King and Clay Mann craft a story exploring The Joker's reaction when he first learns of Batman's impending nuptials to Catwoman to take place in this July's Batman #50. Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and Jorge Jimenez tease May's weekly Justice League: No Justice, which features the revamp of DC's premier superteam following the events of the recently concluded Dark Knights: Metal. Former Marvel mainstay Brian Michael Bendis and DC legend José Luis García-López team up for a short story featuring Superman, as a prologue to Bendis' highly anticipated weekly miniseries on the publisher's flagship character, Man of Steel. Jorge Jimenez has also illustrated the main cover for the issue.

DC Nation #0 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, May 2, with a cover price of 25 cents. The issue will be available digitally for free.

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