Who's In the DC Multiverse Batman Ninja Wave (and Where to Find It)

DC Multiverse Action Figures

One of the more popular DC animated films was last year's Batman Ninja, which reimagined the Dark Knight and many of allies and enemies as Japanese feudal figures, with Batman himself reimagined as a sort of samurai facing his time-displaced foes. As a tie-in to the anime, DC Collectibles included a piece of the film's Batman in several figures of its bestselling DC Multiverse line of action figures.

Now, CBR is breaking down all of the figures included in the line, including which action figures contain vital components to assemble the Japanese version of the Caped Crusader.

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Wally West


Barry Allen's nephew-in-law and former protege, Wally West, has had an interesting journey, starting out as the original Kid Flash before kickstarting the DC Rebirth era by reminding the heroes of the DCU of their pre-Flashpoint histories. Currently imprisoned for his role in the crossover story Heroes in Crisis, Wally is about to set out on the most important race of his life, a redemptive one.

The DC Multiverse Wally West figure comes with Wally in his scarlet Rebirth outfit complete with interchangeable running hands and flashes of silver electricity. The set also comes with one of the Japanese-inspired Batman's arms with an interchangeable hand.

Green Lantern John Stewart


One of the greatest members of the Green Lantern Corps is John Stewart. Drawing from his background as a combat engineer in the U.S. Marines and a civilian architect, Stewart's willpower-fueled energy constructs are among the most intricately designed in the Corps as he serves with the intergalactic peacekeeping force and as a vital member of the Justice League.

The DC Multiverse John Stewart figure features John in his classic Green Lantern ensemble and interchangeable hands, including one with his signature power ring lighting up for action. The figure comes the the ninja Batman's armored torso.



Batman's first crime-fighting partner Dick Grayson has progressed from the original Robin to his own superhero as Nightwing, working both alone and as a key member of the Titans throughout the DC Universe. His DC Multiverse figure reflects his classic blue and black color scheme, with the Kandorian inspired bird logo emblazoned prominently across his chest.

The figure comes with interchangeable hands, including a set that can grip Nightwing's signature Escrima sticks which also come with the figure. The Nightwing figure comes with one of Batman's legs.

Black Lightning


One of the most popular DCTV series on The CW is Black Lightning, starring Cress Williams as the eponymous DC Comics superhero. Largely separated from much of the network's Arrowverse, Jefferson Pierce is an educator and family man who defends his city from all types of threats with his electricity-based powers.

The DC Multiverse Black Lightning figure is based on Williams' portrayal of the character rather than his comic book look, complete with interchangeable sets of hands showing Jefferson firing bolts of electricity. The figure comes with one of the samurai Batman's legs.

Beast Boy


One of the most irreverent, fan-favorite members of the Titans is Beast Boy, who possesses the ability to transform into any form of wildlife and take on their physical attributes to aid the rest of the team. Beast Boy has appeared alongside the Titans in the comics along with both animated and live-action television series as a key member.

The DC Multiverse Beast Boy figure features the superhero in his red and white DC Rebirth outfit and while Gar Logan doesn't come with an accessories for himself the figure comes with one of Batman's arms and his trusty katana.



Another key member of the Titans is the alien princess Starfire, who first joined the team during its relaunch in the 80s and has played a vital role since. Hailing from the faraway world of Tamaran, Koriand'r fled to Earth to escape an interplanetary war that consumed her home and sought refuge with the Titans before becoming her own superhero.

The DC Multiverse Starfire figure is based on her purple and white outfit from DC Rebirth and comes with two green energy blasts she can attach to her hands. The figure comes with Batman's head and cape to complete the Samurai Dark Knight's ensemble.

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