Expect a Milestone Announcement from DC at NYCC '17

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Despite the lawsuit lodged against Milestone Media, DC Comics is expected to make an announcement regarding the imprint's relaunch at next month's New York Comic Con. According to Publishers Weekly, DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee confirmed that the new line will be "unveiled" as part of a panel that will include The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman who documented Milestone as part of his The Secret History of Comics documentary for AMC.

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Milestone's comics debuted in the '90s as part of a unique publishing partnership with DC. Founded by Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, Derek Dingle, and the late Dwayne McDuffie, it was a separate company whose comics were published and distributed by DC, which in turn shared the profits while Milestone retained creative control.

In 2015, DC announced plans to revive Milestone characters such as Static Shock and Icon, who represented a major push towards an increase of diversity in the industry. This followed a few months later after the initial announcement of Milestone 2.0. However, word broke last August that Charlotte McDuffie, Dwayne McDuffie's widow, filed a lawsuit against Milestone 2.0 for not including her deceased husband's estate in the new business venture.

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The lawsuit alleges that McDuffie owned 50% of the company when he died in 2011 and the shares were never bought out by the remaining parties. Milestone's characters were integrated into mainstream DC continuity in 2008 and it remains to be seen if the new line will interact with DC's current continuity and how the lawsuit will affect characters created under McDuffie's watch.

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