DC & McFarlane Toys Sign Collectibles Deal

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McFarlane Toys has long been the producer of amazingly detailed figures from nearly every franchise in pop culture, but until recently, the company had never released anything from DC Comics' many properties. However, the two companies have now announced a new three-year licensing agreement, which will enable the toy company launched by creator Todd McFarlane to produce all manner of figures from the varied DC Multiverse line.

According to IGN, beginning in 2020, McFarlane Toys will release 6-inch to 12-inch ultra-posable figures based on everything from the DC Multiverse's many properties from comics, video games and movies. Action figures released in accordance with this deal will feature vehicles and accessories appropriate to the characters.

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The announcement comes ahead of the 2019 New York Toy Fair, which takes places February 16-19. Numerous companies have leaked similar announcements in the build-up to the event, but this one from McFarlane Toys and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, which manages DC's properties, may be the most exciting yet. The prospect of a McFarlane Toys-designed version of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League will likely have collectors jumping at the opportunity to expand their collections.

Prior to the deal, DC's action figures were produced by Mattel, with other companies like Hot Toys stepping in to craft upper-tier models. However, in December 2018, it was announced that Mattel was losing most of its licensed DC properties to Spin Master. That announcement, alongside this one, indicates Warner Bros. and DC's interest in diversifying the production of its action figure lines. McFarlane Toys will likely focus on the more detailed collectible figures, while Spin Master will produce more kid-friendly toys.

This new deal between Warner Bros./DC Comics and McFarlane Toys also offers new insight to the industry and brings together designers and creators fans of the toy company and DC characters are sure to enjoy.

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DC's characters are a valuable commodity for any toy company, which became clear when Mattel's stock dropped 3.1 percent following its licensing loss. That came at the end of a significant downward spiral of the company's stock, which lost nearly 40 percent of its value in 2018.

The announcement didn't include additional details about which characters to expect, but the most probable releases will include the Justice League and its associated villains, as well as various releases of Batman featuring different versions of his costumes, vehicles and accessories.


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