2017 DC/Marvel Tourney - Elite Eight, Part 1!

Welcome to the fourth round of the 9th Annual CSBG DC/Marvel Character Tournament!

This time around, we're going to do it as a "comic book battles" tournament. The 64 characters were chosen from the top 32 DC and top 32 Marvel characters from the 2015 Top 100 DC and Marvel Character Poll that you all voted on. The selection committee then seeded those 64 characters from the most likely to win to the least likely to win and then created the tournament.

The fourth round begins now. You're going to be voting on two regions today.

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-ups. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Superman just walking up to Thanos and punching him – Thanos would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Wonder Woman can use whatever weapons you would expect her to normally use, but she can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever).


First, the results of the third round from the Midwest Region!

Out of 2,596 votes, Superman defeated Magneto 74% to 26%.

Out of 2,580 votes, Thanos defeated Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 67% to 33%.

Now the voting for Round Four of the...


Now the results of the third round from the East Region...

Out of 2,522 votes, Jean Grey (Phoenix) defeated Batman 67% to 33%

Out of 2,501 votes, Wonder Woman defeated Supergirl 81% to 19%.

Now the voting for Round Four of the...


Check back tomorrow at this same time (7:30 PM Eastern) for the next two regions in Round Four!

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