10 DC Vs Marvel Fights Everyone Forgot About

Comic books bring joy to millions of people from around the world. Thanks to two of the main publishing powerhouses known as Marvel and DC, we’ve all been able to reap the benefits. The two companies have always had a friendly rivalry, and occasionally it has spilled over into their work.

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There have been times when these two behemoths have gone head to head on the pages of their comics. Fans have witnessed dream fights such as Batman vs Captain America and the Avengers vs Justice League. That said, certain fights during the crossovers have gone somewhat unnoticed, so we’ve put together 10 DC vs Marvel fights everyone forgot about.

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10 Batman & Robin vs Bullseye

The first official fight of the DC vs Marvel Comics event sees Batman and Robin take on Bullseye. Afraid and unsure of what is happening to his universe, Bullseye grabs Robin and threatens to kill him unless Batman gives him some answers.

Robin manages to break free and, after claiming that he never misses, Bullseye catches the Batarang that the Dark Knight throws at him and launches it right back at the Dark Knight. Of course, Bullseye misses, giving Batman an opportunity to punch him in the jaw. As Bullseye falls to the floor, he exclaims “you hit harder than Daredevil.”

9 Darkseid vs Galactus

In 1995, John Byrne penned Darkseid vs Galactus: The Hunger, which saw the Devourer of Worlds arrive on Apokalips. With Galactus being in a pretty sorry state – his hunger in desperate need of satiation – he arrived on the homeworld of Darkseid to feed. With New Genesis refusing to help, it didn’t look good for the God of Evil.

The story involved a fight between the Silver Surfer and Orion, as well as Darkseid helping the Surfer to restore certain memories from before becoming Galactus’ trusty herald, causing unrest between the two invaders. However, after realizing Apokalips wasn’t rich or resourceful enough to aid his hunger, Galactus left, leaving Darkseid to live in peace. There aren't a lot of fights between villains in the DC and Marvel crossovers, so this was a pleasant surprise.

8 Captain America vs Bane

The DC vs Marvel Comics crossover was a four-issue series that saw heroes from both universes battle it out to save their home from being obliterated. Two powerful gods – who were also brothers – find out about each other’s existence and decide that both of their universes cannot exist.

The brothers represented DC and Marvel in a meta-interpretation of one another. Consequently, numerous superheroes are sent to fight each other for their survival. Before the official battles commence, Captain America faces Bane, and just as the villain is on the verge of recreating the famous scene from Knightfall where he breaks Batman’s back, Cap’s shield saves the day and subdues him.

7 Hulk vs Batman

When it comes to power, Batman doesn’t have a chance against the big green monster; however, one thing Hulk doesn’t have a great deal of is intelligence. In DC Special Series #27, the two heroes came to blows after Joker convinced the Incredible Hulk that the Dark Knight was the enemy.

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The fight acted as a distraction for Joker, as he escaped with the gamma-gun – something Bruce Banner was working on for Wayne Tech. There were more interactions between the two heroes throughout the comic, but ultimately, they worked together to combat both Joker and the Shaper, who was trying to use Banner’s radiation to help cure himself.

6 Spider-Man vs Joker

The mid-90s was a great time for DC and Marvel crossovers and one such gem was Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds. Not only did it feature the titular heroes, but also Carnage and Joker.

After a temporary alliance between the two psychopaths, their focus went elsewhere, leading to two incredible showdowns. Whilst Batman and Carnage were engaged in a fight to the death, Joker tried to disappear but Spidey tracked him down. When he caught up with him, Joker dared Spider-Man to kill him, but the web-slinger didn’t give in to his demands and had him apprehended instead.

5 S.H.I.E.L.D. vs Hydra

The Amalgam Universe was briefly introduced in DC vs Marvel #4, but ended up as a full comic book run where popular characters became a new version of themselves, such as Dark Claw (Wolverine and Batman), Doctor Doomsday (Doomsday and Doctor Doom), and Doctor Strangefate (Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate).

One of the comics saw Bruce Wayne as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trained by Nick Fury, he went on a mission to bring down Hydra, now led by Green Skull – an amalgamation of Red Skull and Lex Luthor. The storyline featured versions of Nuke and Deathlok as members of Hydra, and Moonwing (Moon Knight and Nightwing) and Black Bat (Black Cat and Batgirl) working for S.H.I.E.L.D.

4 Superman vs Fantastic Four

Once upon a time, Superman was one of Galactus’ Heralds, bringing DC’s most powerful superhero to the side of Marvel’s deadliest galactic villain. The Fantastic Four tried to break Superman from the powers that had turned him into the Herald, and as a result, they came to blows.

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Thankfully, Superman loses his Power Cosmic after standing up to Galactus when he wanted to devour a planet full of life. Marvel’s most famous family and the Man of Steel convince him to only consume lifeless planets, and as he leaves, he lets Superman know that he wasn’t responsible for the destruction of Krypton.

3 Cyborg Superman vs Silver Surfer

At the start of Green Lantern: Silver Surfer, Norrin-Radd comes across a planet that has been obliterated – a planet that once upon a time he had stopped Galactus from leaving alone. From the ashes of the fallen world, Hank Henshaw (AKA Cyborg Superman) emerges and isn’t happy.

Silver Surfer questions Henshaw’s actions and it isn’t long before the two clash in a fight of epic proportions, beating the hell out of each other until Hal Jordan arrives. It’s a glorious fight that leads into an enjoyable and epic issue of superhero grandeur. The comic also features Thanos, Terrax the Tamer, as well as the other Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.

2 Carnage vs Batman

As touched upon earlier, the serial killer Cletus Cassidy and the Dark Knight fight on the pages of Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds. There’s no end of psychopaths in Gotham, but Carnage brings a whole new challenge to the Dark Knight.

A brief alliance between Joker and Carnage ends when Cassidy wants to blow up Gotham while the Joker isn’t keen on Cassidy’s barbaric methods. Soon after, Batman and Carnage engage in a visceral brawl where both are tested, but it all comes to an end when Batman uses punch after punch to leave Cassidy on the floor, unable to get back up.

1 Wolverine vs Killer Croc

In DC vs Marvel #2, Wolverine and Killer Croc go head to head. It’s not a fight that often gets remembered from the crossover event, but it’s one that lives up to the hype, mainly due to Wolverine’s crude humor when he says why his opponent is called Killer Croc – because “you’re nothing but a croc of…”

The two exchange insults, and after brawling through the streets they burst through a shop window, causing tons of Warner Bros. merchandise to go flying through the air. It’s a cool moment, especially as a customer is just in the process of finding out where all the X-Men merchandise has gone, clearly unaware that the two universes are combining.

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