Worlds Collide: 15 DC And Marvel Fan Art Ships We Secretly Wish Were Real

Marvel vs DC debates are commonplace for comic book fans. They spend hours arguing over who is the best hero, best villain, best team and so on. There’s also a lot of time spent discussing crossovers. What would happen if the Justice League met The Avengers? Who would win in a fight between Batman and Captain America? These conversations get even more heated than the regular debates. Fans also love talking about superhero couples. Arguments about ships have pretty much taken over the internet. For the unfamiliar, "ship" is short for relationship and it indicates a more intense level of interest in all things concerning a favorite couple.

Once they’ve exhausted all the in-house pairings, it’s time to think about crossover romances. Who hasn’t wondered if Batman and Black Widow or Barry Allen and Jubilee would be perfect together? Thanks to the ever-growing list of superhero movies and TV series, fans even have famous faces to put with all these dream teams. The aforementioned Bruce and Natasha seems even more interesting in the form of Christian Bale and Scarlett Johansson. Thanks to the internet, creative fans can now showcase their dream Marvel/DC crossover couples through fan art. These are the ships we secretly wish were real.


Harley Quinn is an acquired taste. She’s unabashedly insane and loves getting in a fight. Even as an anti-hero she doesn’t follow the rules that the other heroes do. And yeah, there’s always going to be a part of her that stays loyal to the Joker no matter what. Aleksandra Klepacka details that perhaps the only man crazy enough to give it a shot is Wade Wilson.

Deadpool is a hero who doesn’t even consider a rule book when fighting crime. Wade might be the only person who loves a fight more than Harley. Their offbeat personalities would most likely lead to an extreme drama filled relationship that drives all their friends crazy, but it would be so hilarious to watch unfold. Someone tell Disney to buy Warner Bros. so they can make that movie a reality.



In Thor: Ragnarok viewers are shown that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is the last of her team. All the other Valkyries, including her lover, were wiped out by Hela. This loss and failure haunts her so much, she moves to the end of the galaxy to disappear. By the end of the movie she reconnects with her warrior spirit and is once again a true Valkyrie.

Once she’s back on Earth, the only place where she would really fit in is Themyscira. An island full of fighting women, who are expertly trained and rarely defeated. Diana would understand Valkyrie’s adjustment back into the fighting world after years of self-imposed exile, while Valkyrie could help them prepare for new unexpected threats. In this piece by hikarisama we get to see their first meeting and imagine where things go from there.


As a God, it’s got to be hard for Thor to relate to a regular woman. He’s always leaving to save the world or universe. It’s like being married to a doctor, but on a much larger scale. We saw in the movies, that as much as Thor may want to live on Earth and have a somewhat normal life, it just isn’t feasible. He needs a partner who can understand the life of a superhero.

Kara Zor-El is also not from Earth and doesn’t always fit in because of her superpowers. Art from pushfighter shows these shared traits would lead to a connection. Thor wouldn’t have to worry so much about protecting Kara and they could save the world together, meaning he wouldn’t be leaving her all the time.



When you’re a billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist you live a different life from the rest of the world. Throw in superhero and the pool of possible love interests gets even smaller. For Bruce Wayne things are made even trickier by his standoffish personality. He needs someone to bring him out of his comfort zone. Cue Tony Stark. He’s the life of every party and knows how to find the spotlight. He’s just what Bruce needs to loosen up.

Known as the world’s greatest detective, Bruce is obviously a genius in his own right, who could more than hold his own with Tony. This piece from TheEndxTypeAnime shows how much fun the two heroes could really be together. They might not be ideal to fight crime together, but they could certainly understand the constant sacrifices required by the life.


As the leader of the X-Men and Xavier School den mother, it’s got to be exhausting to be Storm. Seriously, she was the Queen of Wakanda, but then went back to dealing with teenagers all day long. Also she’s stuck in this world where people just can’t stop hating mutants. She must wish she could just walk away and live on an island somewhere.

Luckily Diana is the princess of an island paradise where strong women are not only accepted, but preferred. Storm’s years of experience as a warrior and teacher would make her a perfect fit among the Amazons. Looking at art by Michael Scott Canon it just makes perfect sense that they both should just retire from superhero work and move to Themyscira together. Storm doesn’t even have to change the weather, as it’s always beautiful there.



Kara Zor-El is one the most powerful heroes in the world. She has all the same abilities as her cousin Superman, but she lacks his experience. In addition to his powers, Kara has also inherited Clark’s endless optimism, though she also has no problems being more aggressive than him at times.

We can see in art by Angels767 these qualities would make her a great balance for Logan/Wolverine. His well-known gruff demeanor would be helped by someone with a more positive outlook on things. Kara has a strong enough personality that Logan wouldn’t be able to steamroll over her feelings. Also, his greatest fear is hurting the people he loves with his claws and that wouldn’t be an issue with Kara. He could be a more grounded influence on her and she could soften his hard edges.


Selina Kyle started out as a thief who was often caught by Batman. Over the years their cat and mouse relationship developed into true love. Catwoman would never be happy with a by-the-book boy scout. She needs someone who is comfortable in the shadows and lives by their own rules. If things don’t work out with Bruce, and let’s face it they probably won’t, Selina could look in the Marvel Universe for her next partner.

Matt Murdock may be a buttoned up lawyer in his everyday life, but his real job is as the Man Without Fear, Daredevil. Though blind, he fights crime using his enhanced other senses and doesn’t mind getting rough with the bad guys. Sound familiar. Catwoman and Daredevil are not the type of personalities to have a happily ever after, but as the famous Phil Noto's art shows, things will never be boring.



Barbara Gordon is a strong, smart, independent woman who not every man can handle. She’s suffered through unimaginable tragedy and come out stronger. She’s a computer genius who was trained by Batman, so the bar is very high. Despite having such a high-stress job, Barbara is able to maintain a regular life with her father Jim and her friends. Living in Gotham can beat down most, but Barbara continues to stay positive, a bit of an anomaly for the Bat family.

With his boundless optimism, scientific smarts and crime fighting experience, Peter Parker would be a good match for Barbara. He wouldn’t try to hold her back and would be more than willing to let her take the lead. Plus, Dragon-Wing-Z shows us Peter has a thing for redheads.


It’s no secret that Wonder Woman is more comfortable in the world of women than men. Growing up on the island of Themyscira, surrounded by nothing but strong warrior women gives her an added respect for other female superheroes. A woman with her powers and strength of character would find very few men to be her equal. Art by jasontodd1fan highlights that only another woman from a similar background could ever really understand her.

Long before she gained superpowers, Carol Danvers was a officer in the US Air Force, so she already knew what it was like to be a woman in a man’s world. As Captain Marvel, she became the most powerful female hero in the Marvel Universe. It makes perfect sense that Diana and Carol would gravitate to each other since they both would recognize what an unstoppable team they’d make.



For a young superhero working with adults, it’s often hard to get the grown-ups to take them seriously. They’re always a little too overprotective and don’t include them in major decisions. They’re expected to do all the same fighting as their counterparts, but with none of the responsibility.

The X-Men’s Jubilee and Batman’s partner Robin know this better than most. They’re both orphans who end up becoming the sidekick to surly, tough superhero father figures. Jubilee is a gymnast and Robin is an acrobat, so they have very similar skill sets. Their only arguments would probably be about who would win in a fight between Batman and Wolverine. They’ve lived lives that other teenagers can’t imagine, so the-skeletal13 showcases how being together will give them the chance to vent about how their bosses just don’t understand.


As Batman’s second Robin, it hasn’t been an easy road for Jason Todd. He never quite fit in as Robin and was killed by the Joker. He was brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit and devoted himself to seeking revenge on Batman for not killing the Joker. He eventually found his way back to sanity and is now the vigilante Red Hood.

For Bucky Barnes, his time as the assassin the Winter Soldier still haunts him. Without someone who understands, those emotions have to take a toll. In jasontoddfan1's piece we can see that Jason might be the only person in the entire world who will ever truly relate to the depth of his guilt. For the couple, finding a partner who understands all they live with might finally bring them both a small measure of peace.



Being a superhero obviously has its perks. Superpowers, cool costumes and adventures in space. Though there are times that being the only human surrounded by aliens is the hardest part of the job. For Green Lantern Hal Jordan it was a difficult learning curve. Not only did he have to figure out how to use his new abilities, he also had to acclimate to working in space with aliens.

Carol Danvers went through the same situation when she became Captain Marvel. Imagine the adventures they could have protecting space together. He clearly doesn’t have a problem with strong women and she like the adventurous type. Hal and Carol come from very similar backgrounds, so it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine that they would hit it off.


As the youngest members of their respective teams Kara and Peter both know what it feels like to be constantly underestimated. They’ve both had to figure out how to live with sudden superpowers and find their way in the superhero world while dealing with overprotective mentors. Their positive and youthful outlook on life would give them common ground to start with. They’ve also both had problems making it work with civilians, so obviously dating another hero is the logical choice.

Supergirl and Spider-Man would undoubtedly be the most fun team to read. Add in the occasional Deadpool appearance and things could get really interesting. A crossover featuring the charming performances of Melissa Benoist and Tom Holland would be endlessly entertaining. It's obvious in kongzillerx619's piece if Kara and Peter ever met they would naturally gravitate to one another.



Bucky Barnes has had a difficult life. He was a kid who, for some reason, was allowed to go to war with Captain America. Predictably, that decision had a bad outcome and he was killed in action. Of course death is never the end in comics and Bucky was frozen by the Soviet military and used for years as the Winter Soldier. He eventually regains his memories and becomes a hero again, but that’s a lot of life for a teenager.

Perhaps the only person in the DC world who could really sympathize with his story is Dick Grayson. Dick has been fighting crime in Gotham since he was just a kid. These are the only two people who could understand what it’s like to go from young hero to taking over the mantle for their mentor. In babochka's piece we can imagine them leaning on one another.


Wonder Woman has no time for weak men with flawed character. Diana is a warrior who is always willing to put others’ needs above hers. Any man interested in her would need to share these same qualities. Most of the superhero world isn’t good enough for her.

Steve Rogers has literally given everything to his life as Captain America. He lives his life putting others ahead of himself. Considering his super strength and military training, he might be able to hold his own in a fight with her. He can’t win, but he could make it a challenge for Diana. They also carry the weight of their responsibilities on their shoulders and it would be nice for them to have someone to shoulder the burden with. And of course, their matching outfits look pretty good together in Tom Bancroft's art.


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