10 DC & Marvel Crossover Couples Who Are Perfect For Each Other

Marvel and DC feature some of comics' most well-known and beloved characters, and it is only natural that fans have speculated as to their reactions to each other should they ever meet in the event of a crossover. Crossover miniseries between the companies have happened, with DC'S Batman meeting Marvel's Spider-Man and Wolverine.

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With so many characters sharing similarities, the potential for romance is limitless. Super-villainous duos have the potential to be devastating antagonists and super-powered titans of justice could be DC and Marvel power couples. Although these pairings will never happen in canon, it is fun to speculate about their possible adventures together. Here are ten DC and Marvel crossover couples who are perfect for each other.

10 Harley Quinn & Deadpool

Harley Quinn and Deadpool both tread the line between heroism and villainy and have a penchant for breaking the fourth wall. There is a manic energy to both characters and a strong comedic element that suggest that they would get along like a house on fire should they ever meet in a comic book crossover.

A Deadpool-like character named Red Tool has been introduced into the Harley Quinn comics, and the two have hit it off. Harley and Deadpool could either be a crazed couple of dreams or a chaotic catastrophe.

9 Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman

Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are both leading ladies in live-action films and pillars of strength and justice. Both have formidable and impressive powers, with Carol Danvers' Kree DNA granting her superpowered abilities and Diana Prince a founding member of the Justice League as well as a demi-god and Amazonian warrior.

Both characters are speculated to be LGBT and share several similar qualities that each other would admire. If the worlds of Marvel and DC ever meet then a new superpowered partnership between the two titans could be likely.

8 Batman & Black Cat

Batman and Catwoman's relationship is one of the most famous in all of comics, so there is no doubt that the Dark Knight would be intrigued by Selina Kyle's Marvel counterpart. Felicia Hardy is also a renown cat burglar with cat-like abilities, sharing many similarities with Catwoman.

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Black Cat would no doubt finding Batman entertaining at least. The masked anti-heroine enjoyed a wild romance with Spider-Man and has a fondness for masked vigilantes.

7 Johnny Storm & Starfire

There are certain similarities between Johnny Storm and Dick Grayson that Starfire may find appealing, but ultimately it is the Human Torch's charisma that would win the Tameranian princess' heart. Kori enjoys heroic and confident men as evidenced by her romantic history and Johnny's fire would complement her ultraviolet powers.

There is no guarantee that this would be a long-lasting relationship considering the histories of the two characters. However, Johnny and Kori would make an exceptional duo, if only temporarily.

6 Superman & She-Hulk

Superman and She-Hulk are both superpowered titans whose strength is exceptional. Their sheer power combined would be an unstoppable force, with many formidable villains falling easily at their feet.

Clark and Jennifer both share a strong sense of justice that would unite them. Jennifer is a highly-skilled lawyer which drives her to defend the innocent, something which aligns with the Kryptonian's ideals.

5 Storm & Aquaman

Storm is no stranger to romances with kings, as her well-known marriage to Black Panther proves. If these powerful forces of nature were to collide, Storm could utilize her weather manipulation powers to rule the skies as Aquaman rules the seas from Atlantis.

Both characters are regarded as royalty and have demonstrated their heroic natures and formidable powers countless times in the comics. Ororo and Arthur would share many similarities but also have a lot to teach each other.

4 Jason Todd & Mystique

Mystique has, for the majority of her incarnations, been a villain or anti-hero for the X-Men, whereas Jason Todd is the wayward Robin. Though neither are truly evil and have sympathetic qualities, their shared taste for rebellion would certainly attract the other.

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Mystique tends to move on from relationships and it could be that Red Hood invests more into this romantic endeavor. In the long-term, they would be incompatible, but for a short while, they would make an interesting pair.

3 Daredevil & Catwoman

In the same vein as Batman's speculated attraction to Black Cat, there is a strong possibility that Catwoman and Daredevil might have a passion of their own. Matt Murdock's tortured soul and masked vigilantism would no doubt remind Selina of the Dark Knight and Catwoman's lack of care for rules is akin to Elektra's ruthless nature.

Matt has the potential to inspire Selina and challenge her morals, whereas Selina would encourage some fun in Matt's life. Given the combined martial arts skills of both characters, they would make an unstoppable force in the streets of Hell's Kitchen.

2 Tim Drake & Kitty Pryde

Tim and Kitty both share a mixture of youthful optimism and jaded experience, and, likely, there would at least be an attraction on each other's side. Tim's loyalty has been demonstrated throughout DC Comics and is a trait that Kitty would find admirable. Kitty's upbeat charisma complements Tim's and the two characters have a lot to learn from each other.

Kitty originally had naive tendencies in the comics but has since hardened slightly to the world around her. A romance between Tim and Kitty would be a chance for these two heroes to have fun and have adventures of their own.

1 Spider-Man & Black Canary

This pairing may seem odd but Peter Parker and Dinah Lance have more in common than they seem. Both have a young spirit but a deep sense of responsibility and their skills and power sets complement and complete each other.

Black Canary shares similarities with Black Cat, though Dinah is ultimately more heroic than the infamous cat burglar Felicia Hardy. Their spirit would draw them to each other and their abilities would make them unstoppable.

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