2019 DC/Marvel Cartoon Series Tournament - Round Two, Day One!

Welcome to the second round of the 11th Annual CSBG DC/Marvel Character Tournament!

This time around, you will be voting for your favorite DC or Marvel superhero cartoon series. The selection committee this year (with one small exception) is the IMDB user reviews (subject to a minimum amount of votes cast, so the ultra-new DC Super Hero Girls cartoon wasn't eligible just yet). I let the IMDB.com user reviews deliver the seeding for #1-64, with the major exception being Teen Titans Go. The IMDB.com user reviews haaaaaaaaaaate that show for whatever reason, but since I am not about to have a show that was popular enough to gets its own hit movie seeded as a #16 seed in the first round, I split the baby there a little and gave Teen Titans Go a #5 seed. Otherwise, these are all ranked by user reviews. I figured that that might lead to some upsets based on the user reviews not reflecting what CBR readers believe.

After the shows were all ranked, they were split into four different regions. In the early rounds, we'll do two regions a day.

First up, here are the results of the voting for the first region of the first round, the Watchtower II Region, along with the match-ups for round two!

Out of 2,709 votes, Avengers: United They Stand was no longer standing after Justice League Unlimited was through with it, 96% to 4%!

Out of 2,613 votes, the Ultimate Spider-Man turned out to be Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and not Ultimate Spider-Man, 52% to 48%!

Out of 2,511 votes, the 1994 Iron Man upset the Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians 64% to 36%!

Out of 2,568 votes, the 2010 Iron Man was scrap metal after Justice League Action was done with him, 69% to 31%!

Out of 2,502 votes, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy were beaten so badly by Avengers Assemble that they couldn't even say, "I Am Groot," in a 71% to 29% upset!

Out of 2,521 votes, the 1994 Fantastic Four series was covered in webs by Spectacular Spider-Man, 67% to 33%!

Out of 2,594 votes, Batman: The Brave and the Bold showed that people did not want their MTV, at least not their MTV Spider-Man, 76% to 24%.

Out of 2,524 votes, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes had better squad goals than Super Squad Show, 89% to 11%!


Simply choose which show you like better. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Here are the results of the voting for the second region of the first round, the Cadmus Labs Region, along with the match-ups for round two!

Out of 2,620 votes, Young Justice taught Krypto to heal, 96% to 4%!

Out of 2,460 votes, Superman silenced the Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam, 88% to 12%.

Out of 2,502 votes, the Challenge of the Superfriends survived the challenge of the 1996 Incredible Hulk, 54% to 46%!

Out of 2,569 votes, X-Men Evolution made chopped salad out of Swamp Thing, 89% to 11%.

Out of 2,453 votes, the New Adventures of Superman edged out the 1982 Incredible Hulk, 53% to 47%.

Out of 2,601 votes, Batman Beyond made sure that Spider-Man Unlimited was more limited than expected, 94% to 6%.

Out of 2,479 votes, Legion of Superheroes extinguished the New Adventures of Batman's Bat-Signal, 60% to 40%.

Out of 2,563 votes, X-Men the Animated Series crushed H.E.R.B.I.E. and the Fantastic Four, 95% to 5%.


Simply choose which show you like better. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Check back tomorrow for the next two regions of Round Two!

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