2019 DC/Marvel Cartoon Series Tournament - Round One, Day Two!

Welcome to the 11th Annual CSBG DC/Marvel Character Tournament!

This time around, you will be voting for your favorite DC or Marvel superhero cartoon series. The selection committee this year (with one small exception) is the IMDB user reviews (subject to a minimum amount of votes cast, so the ultra-new DC Super Hero Girls cartoon wasn't eligible just yet). I let the IMDB.com user reviews deliver the seeding for #1-64, with the major exception being Teen Titans Go. The IMDB.com user reviews haaaaaaaaaaate that show for whatever reason, but since I am not about to have a show that was popular enough to gets its own hit movie seeded as a #16 seed in the first round, I split the baby there a little and gave Teen Titans Go a #5 seed. Otherwise, these are all ranked by user reviews. I figured that that might lead to some upsets based on the user reviews not reflecting what CBR readers believe.

After the shows were all ranked, they were split into four different regions. In the early rounds, we'll do two regions a day.

Here are the first two regions and the match-ups!

Simply choose which show you like better. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!




Come back tomorrow for the results of the first round of the first two regions and then the first day of Round Two! Then, on Sunday, return for Round Two of these regions!

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