DC's Man of Steel Miniseries is an Unofficial Superman Team-Up Book

Eisner Award-winning scribe Brian Michael Bendis and a host of high-profile artists are set to reimagine Superman for a new era with their hotly-anticipated miniseries Man of Steel, launching on May 30. And for fans of good old-fashioned superhero team-ups, it'll be a true delight as the series' writer has teased the comic as an unofficial Superman team-up book.

Speaking with CBR about his upcoming take on the Sentinel of Tomorrow, Bendis teased, "I am happy to report that I immediately started turning Man of Steel into DC Comics Presents/Brave and the Bold/Marvel Team-Up."

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"There’s a lot going on in this story, and there are points where Green Lantern and Batman would absolutely stop by," Bendis said. "Where the Justice League would absolutely come and at least try to help. It was like, 'Oh, I get to write them!' It was as dorky and as stupid as people would assume it would be when you write the words 'Green Lantern' for the first time and you’re actually supposed to — it’s official. It was very exciting."

Man of Steel #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis hits stands on May 30.

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