Bendis Compares DC's Leviathan to Marvel's Magneto

With the Event Leviathan series in his rearview and the Leviathan Dawn one-shot set to hit shelves this February, DC Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis has offered some new insight on the comics' intriguing villain.

Bendis evidently has a lot in store for Mark Shaw -- the first modern Manhunter who was revealed to be the mastermind behind the Leviathan conspiracy. And while the writer is keeping certain things regarding Shaw's perspective under wraps, he did make an interesting comparison -- likening him to Marvel Comics' classic X-Men villain Magneto.

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In an exclusive interview with CBR, Bendis was asked if Shaw can still be redeemed, or if he is simply too far gone. "Yes, and also that this person doesn't believe this is their redemption, that they're finally doing what they're supposed to do and making harder choices than they had before," he said. "Again, I don't want to spoil too much about Mark's point of view, but you're going to get to meet him and Leviathan and find out what makes him tick and what makes them very different from other kinds of organizations we've seen over the years.

"It's much more layered and about the government and people [being] sick of the way the world works; you know what Mark is selling," Bendis continued. "I wrote this down, and people know my philosophy about this, that Magneto is probably the best villain, because you can have a conversation with Magneto... and he's not wrong. What he's saying is very arguable, but what he does is wildly incorrect -- historically, I'm not talking comics in the past couple years. So with that in mind, Mark's argument, other than his actions, is part of what we want to have fun with here."

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Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Alex Maleev, Leviathan Dawn #1 goes on sale Feb. 26, 2020 from DC Comics.

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