DC's Legion of Super-Heroes (And Friends) Take Flight in Connecting Variants

With the Legion of Super-Heroes making their return to DC in the two-part miniseries Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium, writer Brian Michael Bendis has given fans a new look at the Legion in special interconnecting variant covers drawn by artist Bryan Hitch that feature other characters from the world of tomorrow.

Shared by Bendis on Instagram, the covers feature the Legion flying into the sky, with Hitch's art giving the image a majestic quality.

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Joining the Legion on the cover are Supergirl -- herself a veteran of past iterations of the Legion in the comics -- and DC's future characters Booster Gold, OMAC, Batman Beyond and Kamandi, all of whom will be featured in the miniseries.

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While the Legion's new ongoing series won't hit shelves until later this year, it's clear that Bendis is looking forward to writing the new adventures of the characters. Given DC's recent push for the team, it's also clear this is set to be a return that's worth the wait.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 goes on sale Sept. 18, followed by Issue #2 on Oct. 2 and the launch of the ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes series in November.

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