DC Launches Digital Store

Today, DC Comics opened for business in a whole new way.

As announced by Co-Publisher Jim Lee on the company's The Source blog, DC has opened a digital comics storefront on their homepage at DCComics.com. Powered by the comiXology guided viewing reader much like their dedicated iPhone and iPad app. This new option for purchasing comics from DC online will work on users desktops but also be compatible with the releases and platforms the publisher is on, meaning "if you buy a DC digital comic like the chartbusting Death of Superman on your Mac or PC at home, you can read the very same series on-the-go using your iPhone, iPad or laptop using our DC app without paying any a penny more or creating any new logins. Or vice versa," as Lee said in the statement. "We call it convergence. You will find it simply easy."

Aside from using the announcement to promote a number of new titles making their way to DC's digital space - including Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns," Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles" and Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson's "Transmetropolitan" - Lee declared that a number of first issues from various DC series would be offered for free before asking fans to send along suggestions for which titles they'd like available in the story.

The Flash-driven storefront has gone live at Read.DCComics.com/comiXology. The storefront appears to function somewhat similarly to Marvel Comics subscription-based Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited where readers pay for access to a library of titles, and it doesn't appear as though the DC store will currently offer subscriptions to ongoing series and the file format for comics saved in a readers "digital collection" as Lee calls it. However, new moves made within DC's digital strategy will doubtlessly take shape on the DC store site first.

For more information, check out The Source and stay tuned to CBR for more on DC's digital plans as they become available.

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