DC Just Gave a Classic Titans Villain Her Rebirth Debut

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League Odyssey #4 from Joshua Williamson, Philipe Briones, Jeromy Cox and Deron Bennet, on sale now.

In the wake of the Source Wall shattering and opening up the literal border around reality in Justice League: No Justice, we've learned a lot of secrets about the DC Universe. One of the biggest is that the Coluans (Brainiac's people) have been stealing planets for an indeterminate amount of time, shrinking them down in size and storing away enough of them to populate an entire star system. In Justice League Odyssey, a select group of Earth's heroes are exploring this cosmic colony, now known as the Ghost Sector.

It's an area that even the Guardians of Oa have deemed off-limits, so you know there are some serious mysteries hidden on these planets. Well, one such secret has just been revealed in the form of a galactic villain who finally makes her DC Rebirth debut and is now poised to set the cosmos afire.

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In the latest issue, Cyborg, Azrael and Starfire work to learn why they're either worshipped or hated on the Machine World, a mysterious planet that's highly-advanced in terms of technology, and which seems to be somewhere a time-displaced Cyborg once governed. As this happens, though, the newly reborn Darkseid finds himself plotting on another planet.

He was the one who brought the trio to this sector in the hope that they'll provide the key for him to unlock a mysterious power that has been linked to him since he was a child. As he explores this lush area, which seems to be remnants of a regal room with his Omega symbol engraved in a throne, he meets a cloaked woman. Though he attempts top source her into helping him find the power he seeks, she isn't having any of it, claiming this kingdom as her dominion. Darkseid further attempts to persuade her to join him so he can make her the queen of planets that aren't in ruins. In other words, it's a business opportunity. Though she tries attacking him, she's enticed at the offer, and decides to indulge the villain, unveiling her true identity as Blackfire, the sister of Starfire.

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Learning this, Darkseid sweetens the deal by indicating her homeworld, Tamaran, the one she thinks she should have ruled, is in the Ghost Sector, cryptically indicating that it was hidden away because of another unknown secret. As Queen Komand'rm she makes it clear her sister should be ruler of nothing, that she's the one who deserves whatever crown was slated to go to Starfire. (Ironically, Starfire is worshipped in the Ghost Sector as the Goddess, so Komand'r has been stewing in her bitterness for quite some time.)

Though this is Blackfire's first Rebirth era appearance, it's clear she still harbors nothing but hate for her sister. The character debuted in 1982's New Teen Titans, where she waged war on Koriand'r and the Titans due to her anger over how she was overlooked as the Princess of Tamaran. Her poor attitude, penchant for violence and health problems saw her people turn on her, and despite being the eldest child, removed her from contention for the crown. The planet endorsed Koriand'r instead, creating an emotional wound which apparently still festers to this day.

In the New 52, their history was changed somewhat, as Starfire was sold off to slavers, a fate for which she blamed Blackfire. Tamaran came under siege and, eventually, they had to work together to free the planet. This led to a reconciliation, but now it seems this has either been undone, or some retcons have been made to their New 52 continuity. We await flashbacks to fill in the gap and complete the picture as to why Blackfire has a new vendetta, but we're certain it'll end with her wanting Koriand'r's head on a block.

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