DC: 10 Situations That The Joker Should Never Have Survived

The Joker has been around almost as long as Batman. He is Batman's ultimate villain, but, when the clown prince of crime gets bored of Gotham or Batman, he goes on to torture other heroes, such as Superman and Green Arrow. Being a villain as long as he has and starting fights with any hero or villain he can, he is bound to get hurt.

The Joker has been in a lot of dangerous situations, some that he never should have lived from. In the DC universe, it almost seems he is invincible.

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10 Being Hit By A Semi Truck

In Batman Detective Comics #834, a two-part comic by Dini, Kramer, and Faucher in which Batman and Zatana track down the magician known as Ivar Loxias. Batman and Zatana find that Loxias' assistants keep dying on stage. What they soon uncover is that Loxias is actually the Joker in disguise.

In the second part of the story, the Joker recalls his first time meeting Ivar. During Christmas years before, the Joker was hit by a semi-truck after a beatdown from Robin. Along his subsequent walk of shame, he fell off a bridge but managed to stop his fall with a moving semi-truck. How he was able to survive all this is beyond any comic book reader.

9 Falling From the Archway Bridge

The Joker is on the loose in Star City. Green Arrow is up against the Clown Prince of Crime in the "A Gold Star for The Joker," written by Elliot Smaggin and illustrated by J.L. Garcia Lopez and V. Colletta.

The Joker has disguised himself as a bus driver named Hack from Gotham City. Dinah Lance has caught the Joker's attention, but not in a good way. When the Joker kidnaps Dinah and takers her on a joyride to the Archway bridge to push her off, Green Arrow comes to the rescue. He shoots Dinah down and launches the Joker off the bridge with one arrow.

The Joker tumbles down the top arch of the bridge into the water down under. Falling from that height should have killed him on impact, but apparently, that's not how it works in the comic world.

8 Shot With A Tank

DC and Dark Horse Comics came together to make the ultimate crossover in Joker/The Mask. This mashup was written by Henry Gilroy, Ramon F. Bachs, and Howard Shu with illustrations by Roman Bachs. The Joker comes across the infamous Mask while robbing a museum in this deadly mash-up.

The mask fuses with the Joker, and he gets all of the Mask's powers. The Mask of Loki helps the Joker take his crime to a new level. While the Joker is wreaking havoc on the town, Commissioner Gordan tries to stop the Clown Prince of Crime. When they try to take him down, he is shot multiple times. Things escalate until, finally, a tank arrives and shoots the Joker into the ground. This should have killed him, but, thanks to the power of the Mask, he was kept safe... apparently.

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7 Crashing Into the Sea

Another impossible moment occurred in the infamous 1988 Batman: Death In The Family. This comic was written by Jim Starlin and illustrated by Jim Aparo. In this story, Jason is killed by the Joker's hand, or, in this case, crowbar.

At the end of the story, The Joker should have died when Superman could not find him in the water after the helicopter fell from the sky. The pilot lost control after him, and the Joker and Batman were shot at. Superman was able to find batman, but not the Joker. After the crash, he is presumed dead, but, knowing the Joker, he can never die.

6 Escaping In An Ambulance

Batman R.I.P. is the collection in Batman comics from issue #676-#681. It was written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Tony Daniel. The Black Glove has made it their mission to destroy Batman. While the Joker is currently locked up in Arkham Asylum, he is contacted by Le Bossu, a Black Glove member, to help in taking the Batman down.

At the end of this story arc, the Joker is fleeing in an ambulance before Batman and co. can catch him. He does not get away, though. Instead, he is run off the road by Damien Wayne in the batmobile. The Joker is hit so hard that he is flung from the bridge into the water below, where (again) he should have died. The Joker seems to be able to survive these big falls from bridges a lot. According to DC, the Joker has no superpowers, but he sure does survive a lot of bridge falls.

5 Falling Off A Train

While he's been in some major trouble so far, he really should have died in The Batman Adventures: Mad Love. This one-shot was written by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. The Joker's recent plan to kill commission Gordon is ruined because of Batman. With his plans foiled again, the Joker goes back to the drawing and mopes around a bit. When Harley Quinn sees the Joker in distress, she captures Batman for him, but he is not happy about it.

In his fit of rage, the Joker hospitalized Harley after hitting her through a window. Batman and the Joker finally go head to head once again. They eventually end up fighting on top of a moving train, and the Joker falls off and drops into a factory chimney. Concerning the high of the fall and the speed of the train, the Joker should have hit the ground with a splat.

4 Crushed

Batman: Death by Design was released in 2012 and was written by Chip Kidd and illustrated by Dave Taylor. Gotham City is under some major construction in this unique story. Famous architects from around the world are working on making Gotham a bigger and stronger place. As the building continues, very weird and seemingly unrelated tragedies on the construction sites begin occurring all over Gotham. The Batman, however, doesn't believe they're unrelated and investigates.

In the destruction, the Joker is literally crushed under one of the newly constructed building. He rigged the place with explosives, but they went off too soon when Batman punched him in the face.

3 Falling Into Acid

Despite it being the very creation of his character, the Joker should have died as the Red Hood, considering the last sighting of him was the fall into a chemical vat. Much like his luck with bridges, he survives. The Joker comes out of the vat as the disfigured clown the comic fans know today; skin white as a sheet, red lips, and green hair. The Joker in real life never would have survived that fall or the acid, but then there would never have been a Joker in the first place.

2 Cutting His Face Off

In the 2012 Batman: Death of the Family storyline written by Scott Snyder, the Joker meets the Dollmaker in Arkham Asylum. In order to symbolize his "rebirth," the Joker has his face surgically removed by Dollface.

The Joker officially comes back one year later after his face is removed, but there is no way the Joker could have survived this procedure. Maybe with an actual surgeon, but the infinite risk of infection for the rest of his life is just too much. It's a surprise he was even able to make through the painful procedure without dying from pain or blood loss.

1 Batman Snapping His Neck

Batman: The Killing Joke is probably the most popular Joker "death." This famous graphic novel was written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland. In this issue, Batman killed the Joker by snapping his neck. Batman finally was at his wit's end with the Joker. The Joker went too far for Batman this time and he finally killed the clown prince of crime. Of course, not even this could permanently end the madman's reign of terror.

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