DC hires online editor, promotes two from within

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to welcome Katy Garnier as Online Editor for DCComics.com. As a member of the Creative Services department, Garnier oversees the creative development and day-to-day operations of the DC Comics website, adding new content and features.

Before joining DC, Garnier worked for Lycos, designing the Tripod and Angelfire community sites. Prior to that, she designed and built the official websites for Will Eisner, the Harvey Awards and Kitchen Sink Press. She also served as an editor at Kitchen Sink, working on projects such as The Spirit: The New Adventures, Atomic City Tales and Oink.

"I'm thrilled to be a part of DC's online efforts and back in the comics' community," says Garnier. "For me, this is the perfect opportunity to bring together my experiences in comics and the internet. We've got some big plans for the DC Web site, and it's going to be great fun helping them happen!"

"As most people have noticed, we've ratcheted up the content and quality of our site in the last six months, thanks to Creative Services Manager Ron Perazza and his crew. Now we've added Katy, who has tons of web experience and savvy, plus a love and knowledge of comics, as a full-time online editor. With her on board and our secret, shocking web plans for later this year moving forward, we're definitely on a roll," says Richard Bruning, DC's VP - Creative Director.

Two DC editorial staff members were recently promoted, with Stephen Wacker being named Associate Editor and Valerie D'Orazio being named Assistant Editor.

Wacker, who joined DC in 2000 as an assistant editor, continues to work with both Group Editor Dan Raspler and Editor Peter Tomasi on such titles as JLA, THE SPECTRE, JSA, and HAWKMAN. Wacker also has taken on full editorial duties on THE POWER COMPANY and JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES

"I'm really thrilled by this promotion, and looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that come with it," says Wacker. "Working with our amazing roster of talent - and finding new talent to add to it - is enough to make me excited about coming in to work every day. That and the many hugs."

"Steve's done a terrific job with everything he's taken on since coming to DC," says Raspler. "It's a pleasure to see him promoted, and I can't wait to see how he moves forward from here."

At the same time, Valerie D'Orazio has been named Assistant Editor, reporting to Editorial Art Director Mark Chiarello. D'Orazio previously was a Coordinator in DC's Creative Services department, assisting Chiarello. D'Orazio joined the DC staff in 2000, after a stint with Acclaim Entertainment.

"It's truly an honor to now be an official member of the DCU editorial team and to participate in the exciting and innovative projects Mark and I are cooking up," says D'Orazio.

"Working with Val is absolutely terrific," says Chiarello. "She's smart, has great editorial instincts, and is even an exceptional writer. I'm very pleased that she's been promoted this way."

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