DC highlights Batman Archives with Introductory Pricing

Official Press Release

One of DC's earliest Archives is made even more affordable this October with the BATMAN ARCHIVES Volume 1 - offered at just $19.95, giving retailers the chance to introduce consumers to this series (and the entire Archives program) at an irresistibly low price.

"This was one the first Archives we published," notes Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "At the time we didn't know how many we would need, so we took a guess and printed what we eventually realized was far too many. Chuck Rozanski, of Mile High Comics, suggested we offer them at a reduced price. That seemed look a good idea to us!"

"After new Archives readers sample this volume, retailers can then sell full-price copies of the other BATMAN ARCHIVES volumes, as well as other Archive series," Wayne continues.

Because of the unique inventory situation with this title, this price reduction is limited to copies of BATMAN ARCHIVES Vol. 1. DC has no plans to reduce the cover price of the other Archives volumes, and no plans to reprint Archives volumes in trade paperback.

BATMAN ARCHIVES VOL. 1 features stories written by Bill Finger and illustrated by Batman creator Bob Kane and others. It reprints all the Batman stories from DETECTIVE COMICS #27-50 (1939-1940), including appearances by the Joker, Prof. Hugo Strange, Clayface, and Robin, the Boy Wonder, and is available to comics shops on October 3.

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