10 DC Heroes You Wouldn’t Think Are Stronger Than Superman (But Actually Are)

Superman has long been considered one of the most powerful characters in all comics, be it DC or Marvel. There are those characters who have a legitimate argument about some Marvel characters being stronger, such as The Incredible Hulk, but those arguments will likely never be answered. While debates are fun about who is stronger, when it comes to DC Comics, it is a little more cut and dry.

Superman is incredibly strong and very powerful, but he falls below some impressive superheroes in the DC Universe. While they may not be able to bench press what Superman does, many heroes are stronger than him in a fight for one reason or another. Here is a look at 10 DC heroes who are stronger than Superman in the right situation in a fight.

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10 The Flash

Put them side by side, and there is no way that anyone would think Flash is a hero who is stronger than Superman. The biggest question when fans talk about Superman and Flash is who is faster. That debate was so popular that Warner Bros. added it as a post-credit scene in their Justice League movie.

Few fans talk about who is stronger, because looking at the two makes it seem like there is no question. With that said, Flash is the Fastest Man Alive. This ability allows him the power of the infinite mass punch, and at light speed, Flash said he could hit with the power of a white dwarf star.

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9 Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is the one superhero that Superman would have no chance again. When it comes to DC, Doctor Fate is basically a version of Doctor Strange, but with a twist. He isn't just the most powerful magical user in DC, but he is basically immortal and only uses the humans as a vessel.

Superman has a couple of significant weaknesses. One of these is Kryptonite, which can kill him. However, the other major weakness is magic, against which Superman also has no defense. Doctor Fate can do whatever he wants with magic, and, as long as he is using it, he is much stronger than Superman.

8 Shazam

Many fans consider Shazam a Superman-ripoff. Created one year after Superman in 1939, Shazam had one significant difference from the Man of Steel. Superman was an alien from another world who gains his powers and strength from the yellow sun. A wizard gave Shazam his powers through the use of magic.

Both men had the same essential powers, with Shazam also able to use lightning at his command. However, the fact that Shazam's powers came through the use of magic gives him a clear advantage over Superman in the area of strength in battle. Shazam is also one of the rare heroes who managed knocked Superman out.

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7 Firestorm

Firestorm is a character that has some immense powers. He might not be who comic book fans think of when considering the strongest DC heroes in comics, but he is one of the most powerful in existence. Firestorm has the superhuman strength to match up with just about anyone, but he has more than that.

He can rearrange matter, which means, if he wanted to, he could absorb radiation from something, and then turn it into Kryptonite. That immediately weakens Superman while strengthening Firestorm. Want more proof? Batman has said that he believes Firestorm has enough power to beat Superman, and the Caped Crusader knows how to beat anyone, so we're inclined to believe him.

6 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has proven time and time again that she is a match for any superhero or villain in existence. This includes Superman. Just like the Kryptonian, Diana has superhuman strength. She is close to invincible, has superhuman endurance and ages slowly, giving her a long lifespan.

Add to this one vital thing; Superman was raised to be a farmboy and taught himself how to be a superhero. Diana was raised to be a warrior and has trained with the greatest Amazon warriors. She knows how to fight, and, since her strength is at least on par with Superman's, she is easily a stronger warrior in battle. Plus, she has a magic sword that would probably kill him.

5 The Spectre

The Spectre has one thing going for him. His powers are almost limitless, and he can do pretty much anything. He can manipulate time and space, is invulnerable, and can control all matter. Plus, here is one thing that fits this list: his strength is limitless.

In the beginning, Superman was all-powerful and was even strong enough to move an entire planet out of orbit if he desired. Post-Crisis Superman is not that strong, and the New 52 Superman, while still one of the strongest beings in existence, was still limited. The Spectre is unlimited in his strength, making him stronger than Superman at his best.

4 Swamp Thing

Superman is probably lucky that Swamp Thing doesn't want to fight. If Superman doesn't hurt the Earth, he has nothing to fear from the Protector of the Green. However, if the two ever did fight, Swamp Thing has more than enough in him to defeat the Man of Steel.

Swamp Thing has mastered all the elements and has complete control over the manipulation of them. He can make himself one with the Earth and become as big and strong as needed as part of the planet. If the need to fight every arose, Swamp Thing could grow as big as needed and become immensely stronger than Superman.

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3 Martian Manhunter

Superman and Martian Manhunter are equals when it comes to their strength and endurance. However, while Superman's strength is one of his vital superhuman traits, Martian Manhunter has even more at his disposal.

J'onn can regenerate his body and reconfigure it into something new. He is also one of the most powerful telepaths on Earth, which adds to his arsenal of fighting abilities. With the two men so even when it comes to their base strength, J'onn takes the lead with his combined powers. To emphasize this, Superman himself said that J'onn is the most powerful being on Earth.

2 Captain Atom

Captain Atom and Superman have fought before. In that battle, Superman had to pull out a trick or two to come out on top because, at the end of the day, the Captain is stronger than Superman. On top of his strength and invulnerability, Captain Atom can absorb and expel radiation.

This includes Kryptonite, which makes him equal to Firestorm in that advantage. Captain Atom has proven in past battles that he is stronger than Superman, has better fighting skills, and can weaponize the red sun radiation, which weakens Superman.

1 Supergirl

The one DC Comics superhero you wouldn’t think is stronger than Superman but actually is would be his cousin, Supergirl. This fact is canon both in the comic books and on television as Kara Zor-El is older than Superman, even though he has been on Earth longer.

The CW TV shows have proven that she is faster and more powerful than her cousin. She trained on Krypton before Kal-El was born and had more experience. The longer she is on Earth getting used to the yellow sun, the stronger she will become. Even Batman has told Superman that Supergirl is stronger and more powerful, and you just can't argue with that.

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