DC: 10 Heroes Who Never Should Have Joined Justice League

When it comes to the world of DC Comics, there is no team more powerful than the Justice League. The most iconic and powerful heroes in the DC world have been members of that team. From Wonder Woman to BatmanSuperman to The FlashGreen Lantern and Aquaman, the team is a symbol of power to the larger DC universe.

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Yet not every hero who ever joined the team was worthy of the honor. Whether lacking in power, relegated to reserve Leaguers, or just meant for other teams, let’s take a look at the ten heroes who should never have joined the Justice League.

10 Metamorpho

One of the first Justice League members on this list didn’t even want to be a member at first. That hero is Metamorpho, aka Rex Mason. After being caught in radiation from a meteorite that was fashioned into the Orb of Ra in Egypt, Rex is permanently transformed into Metamorpho, the element man.

Able to shape shift and turn himself into any element or even a combination of elements that can be found in the human body, Rex viewed his powers as a disease because he cannot turn back into his human form. And ultimately his heroic journey always felt more at home with The Outsiders.

9 Phantom Stranger

One of the more unique characters that ever joined the League has to be the Phantom Stranger. What makes this character so unique is that much like the Joker, this hero has no true origin. His real name or life has not been revealed, but several possible origin stories have been presented in the past.

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He seems to be omniscient, able to know information about any character he encounters in the DC Universe. He is immortal, able to travel great distances in short amounts of time, and is even capable of travel through mystical dimensions. But his power set and history don’t seem to be cohesive enough to gel with the Justice League.

8 Doctor Fate

Another member who is so powerful and mysterious that they don’t feel like they fit the Justice League mold has to be Doctor Fate. The character is unique in that the persona of this hero has been a mantle used by several other heroes over the years. The Helmet of Nabu houses the essence and presence of Nabu himself, who fights to keep the balance between chaos and order.

As his motives are his own and the mantle wearers of the helmet are subject to Doctor Fate’s motivations, his allegiance to the Justice League only extends so far as his mission is completed, so the risk of losing him as an ally is always there.

7 Huntress

One of the more controversial heroes to ever join the League and who really should never have been on the team has to be Helena Bertinelli, aka the Huntress. The daughter of a mob boss who witnessed her parent’s demise at the hands of a rival mob family at an early age, she eventually learned several forms of martial arts and sought revenge.

She is a much more brutal, violent and unpredictable vigilante than others like Batman or Batgirl. Batman rarely ever trusts Huntress, because she goes back and forth between hero and pure vigilante. She is much more suited for teams like Birds of Prey.

6 Tasmanian Devil

One of the more rare and quite frankly not as memorable heroes to ever join the Justice League has to be Tasmanian Devil. Originally named Hugh Dawkins, he was born a meta-human with the ability to transform into a giant, bestial Tasmanian Devil. While Hugh is a pacifist, his beast side is actually much more aggressive and ready for a fight.

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Tasmanian devil helped rebuild the Justice League headquarters after an alien invasion, and soon joined the League on missions. But then his former team the Global Guardians reformed and were brainwashed by Queen Bee, forcing him to fight them. He always felt out of place on the Justice League roster.

5 General Glory

This next hero to join the League is really one that should not have ever joined, as his entire character was based on a Marvel Comics character to begin with. Mirroring the look and feel of Marvel hero Captain America, General Glory was a soldier during WWII who gained superior abilities from Lady Liberty herself, that were gained whenever he recited a passage to Lady Liberty.

Becoming a government agent, General Glory fought in WWII and disappeared in an Arctic Mission. He later arrives in modern days and fights alongside Guy Gardner and the Justice League to combat many threats, but this obviously feels a bit of a repeat of Captain America’s journey.

4 Silver Sorceress

This next Leaguer is another homage to the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Silver Sorceress is a hero born in the image of Scarlet Witch of the Marvel Universe, who escaped from another world to the DC Universe after surviving a nuclear holocaust. She, along with other heroes of her world, were manipulated into believing the League was responsible for their world’s demise, but soon realized they had all been tricked and fought together to stop the robots who manipulated them.

She fought alongside the League for years until she passed away fighting a villain of her world, Dreamslayer, who had managed to take over Maxwell Lord’s mind.

3 Mystek

This next hero is one that actually had the potential to be a unique and interesting character that if given enough time could have earned a place as an iconic hero amongst the Justice League. Sadly her career was cut very short, making her journey into the League feel wasted at times.

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That hero was Mystek, a Korean woman born in Queens, New York. She grew mistrustful of government officials after her father’s sensitive work led to him being captured by one such agency. Martian Manhunter recruited her to join the Justice League Task Force, using her energy manipulation abilities, but grew overwhelmed with claustrophobia while in space and ejected herself into space.

2 Tomorrow Woman

This next hero became very popular during the time of her creation, but had a very short lived career. That hero was Tomorrow Woman, an android created by Professor Ivo to actually destroy the Justice League.

Originally the Tomorrow Woman was built with a bomb in her head, she was meant to destroy the League after joining them, but she rejected her programming, joined the League and became a hero. She fought crime using telepathic and telekinetic abilities, but soon gained human emotions and evolved to fully become human, ending a short lived career as a hero.

1 Lex Luthor

Probably the one character who joined the Justice League that just never felt right despite the character development that took place has to be Lex Luthor. A longtime foe of Superman and the entire Justice League, the billionaire CEO and genius has an intense hatred for Superman and any heroes who he believes take his rightful place as the most powerful person in the world.

After the events of Forever Evil, Luthor decided to become a hero, forgoing his villainous ways to enjoy the spotlight as a hero after he helped stop the Crime Syndicate. Much to the displeasure of the League, they let him join simply to keep an eye on him.

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