First Page from DC's Heroes in Crisis Spotlights Harley Quinn, Booster Gold

Writer Tom King has been teasing his 'Sanctuary' project from DC for a good while now, and yesterday we finally learned that it would be at the center of an upcoming miniseries titled Heroes In Crisis. Said to be a murder mystery that cuts to the heart of the various heroes of the DC Universe, the miniseries' cover hints at a much darker and more personal tragedy.

While there is very little we know of the actual story, Tom King revealed the very first page of the series on his Twitter account. "Probably not allowed to post this, but here’s the first page of HIC by my older brother in comics, @Clay_Mann_," the scribe wrote. "Just so you can see how pretty this book’s going to be."

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The first page of the issue features Harley Quinn storming into a diner where she finds Booster Gold, who appears to be a little worse for wear. It therefore seems that it is no accident that both characters feature prominently on the cover of the first issue of the series. Whatever is at the heart of Heroes in Crisis, Booster and Harley are more than likely in the middle of it.

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Tom King and Clay Mann's Heroes in Crisis is a 7-issue miniseries. Issue #1 hits store shelves September 26.

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