DC Delivers A New Clue About Who Will Die in Heroes in Crisis

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2 by Scott Lobdell, Clayton Henry, Marcelo Maiolo and Taylor Esposito, on sale now.

DC Comics is seeding many different mysteries throughout its publishing slate, with one of the newest involving Tom King, Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads' upcoming Heroes in Crisis. The superhero crisis center Sanctuary will be the center of a murder mystery when it launches in September, as heroes like Harley Quinn and Booster Gold are labeled the number one suspects.

Of course, DC has even darker plans for two unfortunate superheroes during Heroes in Crisis, with the publisher promoting two major deaths to take place in the series. DC kept the teases coming by giving fans a list of possible characters who may be killed, fueling speculation and worry among its readers.

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One of the possible casualties doesn't currently appear in a monthly ongoing comic, but has started showing his face across a few series these last few months. Arsenal was a member of the Titans, and before that one of the three Outlaws in Red Hood and the Outlaws. When his stint in Titans came to an end, Roy Harper was battling his inner demons of addiction, but that didn't stop Arsenal from helping his former mentor and best friend when called upon.

It was Arsenal's appearance in Green Arrow #43 that dropped the first connection between Roy and Sanctuary, with Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2 continuing the thread. However, unfortunately for Arsenal, it's looking like he may be one of the two heroes to perish in Heroes in Crisis.

I'm Scared I'm Going To Die

Arsenal made a surprise return in Red Hood and the Outlaws #25 to save Red Hood from a Batman beatdown. Red Hood executed the Penguin out in the open, with the Gotham Police department hot in his trail. But it was Batman who finally caught up with his former protege, with the Dark Knight feeling betrayed by Red Hood's decision to kill.

Before Batman could bring Red Hood in to answer for his actions, Arsenal swooped in to take Red Hood to a secluded beach location to heal from his injuries. The time alone allowed Jason and Roy to reunite and catch up on what's been happening in each other's lives. While Red Hood lost his Outlaws teammates Artemis and Bizarro, Arsenal fell back into alcoholism. Roy admitted to Jason that he's considering "a rehab for capes," which we all know is Sanctuary. Before they head their separate ways, Roy confesses to the real reason behind his drinking -- he's scared he's going to die.

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Of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise that a superhero has fears of his or her own death. As brave as they are, superheroes are human beings with regular fears and emotions like the rest of us. There is also the matter of superheroes dying semi-regularly, even though a resurrection is always just around the corner.

However, the situation with Arsenal may be different when you consider the Heroes in Crisis characters teased to possibly die in the series. Among the heroes and villains listed, Arsenal is the most expendable since he isn't currently starring in a comic and is a supporting character at the moment. Also, with DC reminding us of the close associations he has with Green Arrow and Red Hood, if Arsenal were to die, Green Arrow and Red Hood and the Outlaws can take time out to mourn his passing.

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We can look for Arsenal's story to continue at Sanctuary once Heroes in Crisis debuts. We're holding out hope he gets the help he needs, and doesn't wind up a martyr once the murder investigation begins.

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