5 DC Heroes The Hulk Could Defeat (And 5 He Wouldn't Stand A Chance Against)

The Incredible Hulk is commonly known as the "strongest one there is," yet even in the Marvel Universe that is hotly debated by fans and characters alike. As the Hulk's strength depends entirely on his mood or current shade, his victories are easily argued, which is often half the fun in these kinds of discussions.

So today, since we've seen so many battles between Hulk and his fellow Marvel heroes and villains, we thought it was time to take a look at a few characters from the DC Universe that we'd like to see go toe-to-toe with the Hulk, and whether or not they'd be able to hold their own against the Jade Giant.

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There have been a couple of DC characters known as Damage, with the most recent appearing alongside the ill-fated New Age Of DC Heroes. Ethan Avery was an army recruit who was transformed into the powerful monster known as Damage, though there was a catch. Avery could only turn into Damage once a day for an hour.

While in his Damage form, Avery showed he was capable of going toe-to-toe with other DC powerhouses like Wonder Woman, which means he has the strength requirements to take on the Hulk. However, Hulk could easily outlast Damage's one-hour time limit and take the win. Honestly, the first Damage (Grant Emerson) might have given Hulk more of a challenge than Avery.


Let's rip this band-aid right off because it's probably the most common versus discussions out there - Superman would beat Hulk. Superman has beaten Hulk before in the comics, as we've seen in the Marvel vs. DC event, though that can be argued away due to Supes winning by popular vote.

However, while the two characters can match each other in strength with Hulk eventually growing stronger than Superman, the Man of Steel has far too many other powers that could help take Hulk out before he got to his maximum enraged levels. Barring a purely physical contact, Superman could just take Hulk into space and knock him out to easily give the win to DC.


Batman is often considered unbeatable in many situations when he is given enough prep time and access to his arsenal of mech suits, gadgets, and superpowered contingency plans. And we totally understand that debate, Batman is a strategical combatant who can often find a way out of any situation.

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However, Hulk's brute strength and healing factor is a match for any mech suit or gadget Batman has to throw at him. And without any obvious weakness like Kryptonite that Batman would normally use with a similarly strengthened foe, he'd be left battered, bruised, and thrown across Gotham City before he could come up with a lasting solution to take out the Hulk.


Of course, it not always the strongest who can take out the Hulk, and while he's shown his quickness and managed to take out fellow Avengers and Marvel speedster Quicksilver on numerous occasions, DC's Flash is on another level of speed altogether.

Whether it's Barry Allen or Wally West taking on the Hulk, they both have the speed and techniques to take out Hulk in various ways. Whether it's removing the air supply using speed cyclones, trapping him in the Speed Force, another time, or even removing his speed completely and trapping him in a motionless state, Hulk doesn't have a chance against the Flash.


One of Hulk's frequent combatants in the Marvel Universe is the Asgardian Thor, God of Thunder. While the DC Universe is full of different Gods and warriors, one of Thor's closest analogs is the New God Orion, son of Darkseid.

Orion is often represented as exhibiting Superman-levels of power, however, he is as prone to anger as the Hulk, and the two would definitely have a great battle that could often go either way, much like with Thor and Hulk. However, we still see Hulk managing to overpower Orion as his rage built during the battle, with Hulk's upper strength potential eventually exceeding Orions.


Captain Atom is an incredibly overpowered character, who gained his abilities through a nuclear experiment that bonded his body with an alien metal that allows him to tap into a nearly limitless supply of Quantum Energy that he can use to fly and emit energy blasts, among other various related abilities.

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Captain Atom's quantum abilities grant him incredible levels of strength, but where he would really show his dominance over the Hulk is his ability to absorb and manipulate energy, specifically radiation. Captain Atom could conceivably drain Hulk of all of his gamma radiation and revert him to Bruce Banner before a single punch is even thrown.


The inclusion of Doomsday on this list could spark a few debates. After all, Doomsday killed Superman, and Superman can beat Hulk, so doesn't that mean that Doomsday could beat Hulk as well. Yes, while Doomsday did kill Superman once, he hasn't shown those levels of strength in any of his follow-up appearances and is consistently beaten by Superman.

Hulk's regeneration and ferocity would match up well with Doomsday, but we feel Hulk's potential to increase his strength due to his rage would ultimately take out Doomsday in what would be one of the most destructive fights on this list.


Hulk is no stranger to magic and has actually worked with Doctor Strange many times as a member of his Defenders team. However, in the DC Universe, Zatanna's unique style of backward magic makes her one of the most powerful magic users with unknown limits to her potential.

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While Hulk obviously outdoes her physically at every level, Zatanna's simplest backward spell "MLAC NWOD/CALM DOWN" could revert Hulk to his Bruce Banner form. Zatanna could also easily transport Hulk to another dimension or put him to sleep, provided Hulk doesn't get a lucky hit in first.


The character of Hawkman doesn't get as much respect as he should for his power levels, as he is often seen being able to go toe-to-toe with characters like Superman, especially when he is equipped with his mystical Nth-metal weapons like the Claw of Horus, which is able to draw energy from the magnetic field of a planet, essentially punching with the planet.

However, Hulk has dealt with powerful weapons his entire career as a gamma-powered monster on the run from the military, and he would make pretty quick work of Hawkman after a few mace blows got him good and angry. We've seen Hulk deal with "Birdy" "Wing Man" types before, and it wasn't pretty.


There have been a few heroes to serve in the Green Lantern Corps, but we'll put the best up against the Hulk for the purpose of this battle. Hal Jordan is the Silver Age Green Lantern, and he uses the emerald energy of will to power one of the deadliest weapons in the universe: Green Lantern's ring.

While we could see Hulk eventually being able to shatter Green Lantern's powerful energy constructs given enough time and strength increases, Green Lantern is just as likely to take Hulk out in a number of ways that get around his brute strength. Taking Hulk to space, or using the "Sue Storm" technique of encasing his head in an airless bubble could end the fight before Green Lantern's constructs limits were tested.

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