DC's Injustice Crossover Kills Off the Franchise's Biggest Villain

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #6 by Tim Seeley, Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell, Andrew Dalhouse and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

DC's He-Man/Injustice crossover recently revealed a big secret about Superman's villainous turn from 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us. We thought he wanted to control the universe after Joker murdered Lois Lane and his unborn baby to maintain order. And part of him did, but recently we found out Superman was trying to find a way -- using Skeletor of all people -- to bring his family back from the dead.

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Issue #5 provided him the means when Kal-El took out Darkseid and Skeletor, used the Orb and Sword of Power in the heart of Castle Grayskull and entered the Nexus of All Realities where he could scour the multiverse and find a world to be reunited with his loved ones. Basically, he became a godlike entity looking for the perfect Earth, but alas, this search led to him paying the ultimate price, as Issue #6 brings about the demise of the Man of Steel at long last.

In this finale, Superman uses Adam (depowered from being He-Man in the last issue) as the key to navigating the Nexus. After all, he's the avatar for all Grayskull's power. As they arrive in Metropolis, Superman seeks out different realities, traversing timelines to figure out the ideal way to get his family back. But he quickly realizes that, no matter what, when he does save them from Joker, destiny still kills them, even by accident.

With no victory in sight, Kal-El decides to force the matter by using Grayskull's magic and the Anti-Life Equation he stole from Darkseid to make the multiverse submit to his rule. He can't regain what he lost, so now Kal-El wants to put the ultimate preventive measure in place as a cosmic dictator. However, to do so, he must become Grayskull's conduit, which means he has to kill Adam.

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As he's about to commit the act, Adam gets a magic boost and uses Grayskull's lightning (one of Superman's biggest weaknesses), shocking him near death. The Black Racer -- DC's avatar of Death -- then arrives to pluck Superman's very fabric from the universe and take him to the land of the dead. In his final moments, Superman, resigned to defeat, reminds Adam he saw realities where they became friends. However, Adam ensures he'll be reunited with Lois, just so he could have some sense of peace. It's an act of empathy and compassion, and one which Batman and other sympathizers are grateful for.

They didn't want Superman to suffer anymore, fueled by hate and driven by despair. Even his cousin, Supergirl, who wanted to beat him senseless for sending her to the Phantom Zone in Injustice 2, accepts this is the better fate. It's an act of mercy and one Superman, ironically, failed to show many others in this universe. He killed Billy Batson, got Hal Jordan and Barry Allen to turn away from him and riled Wonder Woman to the point she killed Damian Wayne. In other words, he marshaled death across the galaxy, but Bruce Wayne knew that it wasn't his friend anymore. Clark Kent died that day Joker killed Lois, and this Kryptonian warlord was something akin to Zod.

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Well, Batman tried to make amends and his Resistance gave the Man of Steel several chances to make a U-turn and redeem himself. Now, it's cost him his life, but, as Adam says as he returns to the Earth/Eternia alliance as He-Man, no matter what, we shouldn't forget the times he was a hero. He preached for the good to prevail over the bad, and that Superman deserved some sort of happiness amid all the chaos he caused, even if it's in the afterlife.

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