DC's He-Man/Injustice Crossover Kills Off A Major Villain... Finally

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #4 by Tim Seeley, Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Wonder Woman may be a paragon of virtue in the main DC Universe, as well as in most alternate-realities, but in the Injustice universe, she's quite the opposite. Diana of Themyscria has grown into a tyrant as Superman's bloodthirsty general, ready to commit genocide at the drop of a hat if it's beneficial to their Regime.

In the crossover with the He-Man and Masters of the Universe, though, she gets her comeuppance. After the lethal role she's played in helping Superman take over the cosmos, Wonder Woman finally meets her demise; ironically, it's at the sword of someone who matches her in terms of strength and personality.

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This crossover picks up from the Injustice 2 ending, where Superman conquered the galaxy after defeating Brainiac and betraying Batman's Resistance. However, with Damian Wayne turning on the Kryptonian and becoming the new Dark Knight, help has been brought over from Eternia, with Prince Adam, his bodyguard Teela, and their allies enlisting. Their magical prowess is they key to victory, leading to a mission to free Bruce Wayne (now known as the Black Oracle) from Kal-El's clutches, and, as expected, a massive brawl.

In the wake of killing Damian, Wonder Woman finds herself now cutting a bloody path to He-Man as he's overpowering Superman. She can't bear to lose her leader, especially as she's admitted she's in love with him. En route to Kal-El, she's distracted by a freed Bruce, knowing he's gearing to join the assault on Superman. However, as Diana restrains her former Justice Leaguer, Teela arrives and stabs her in the back, killing her.

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If you've followed this franchise since the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game came out in 2013, you recognize that Wonder Woman's death means one of the story's biggest villains has been taken off the table. She's pushed Superman to become a dictator since Lois died, ensuring his law remained unforgiving to men, women and children to create universal order. She even killed her own Amazons in order to build an army loyal to the Regime, and led a coup against her fellow gods to establish a New Olympus. In other words, she basically usurped Ares and turned into the new God of War.

Bruce does try to reason with her at the end, but she's made it clear she has no regrets when it comes to her convictions and everyone she's put six feet under. This even includes former lover Steve Trevor, who made her bitter in the first place when he was revealed as a Nazi spy. Given how she's also turned on her former protege, Supergirl, it's clear Diana has no limits, and is loyal to Superman alone. This is why, as sad as Bruce is, Teela makes it clear this was inevitable.

In wars, there are casualties, and Diana, in her last breath, actually praises Teela for doing what Bruce never had the guts to do. Teela, coincidentally, is very much like Wonder Woman in this crossover -- strategic, efficient and ready to kill. In short, the opposite of Bruce, as of late, and He-Man too. That said, while Wonder Woman's death won't be celebrated, it's a big win for the Resistance and a huge blow to Superman, with the balance of power indeed shifting.

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However, it's worth noting her murder could incite all-out war with New Olympus and Themyscira, which means Bruce will need numbers now, more than ever. What he'll also have to discuss with He-Man is the possibility they could also have their own Wonder Woman on their hands in the shape of Teela. Her attitude reeks of Wonder Woman and it seems her aggressive philosophy to ending Superman's Regime is the same one that drove Diana, which could mean bigger problems later down the line as they try to shape a new dawn of justice.

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