Every Relationship Harley Quinn Has Had

Harley Quinn is a woman with a seriously compromised taste in men. Love is a driving force in Harley Quinn's life. It is love that forces her descent into absolute madness. Harley Quinn was Dr. Harleen Quinzel, treating one after the other at Arkham Asylum. Now she is far from her days as a career woman, and far from her career as a promising psychiatrist.

As Harley met the Joker, she was never the same again. What did the Clown Prince of Crime do? He turned the tables and warped Harley Quinn's mind. The joker sensed at the opportunity in Harley to break free from Arkham. And that's how poor Harley reached a point of no-return. Since Joker although, daddy's little monster has gone on to date many men, for better or for worse.

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The most-wanted Hitman in DC's universe, Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot, has a thing or two for Harley Quinn. Played by Will Smith, Suicide Squad gave viewers a peek into Harley x Deadshot. From eyeing to each other, the two bond while plotting against their common enemies. Harley is "Dollface" to Deadshot, while he is "Friend" to Harley.


In an alternate universe, Bianca Steeplechase plays the lesbian Joker. She is a gangster specializing in Toxicology, i.e. penchant for poisoning cosmetic products. Talk about Devil's workshop. Bianca is head-over-heels in love with Quinn. Bianca says she has never felt the way she feels about Quinn.

In Earth #37, it is said that Bianca Steeplechase had a relationship with Harley Quinn while being married to the mayor of Gotham city under an alias.


An ex-con who still lives with his mother in the Coney Island apartment: enter Mason Macabre. He makes his first appearance in Harley Quinn Vol 2 #9. One of Harley's fresh love interests, Mason is held captive by the Joker in Harley Quinn #25. 

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Harley breaks into Arkham Asylum to free Mason. As fate would have it, Mason's cell shares a wall with the Joker. Besides Harley's triumphant brawl with the Joker in the issue, Harley breaks free his love, Mason.


Deadpool  Red Tool is Harley's aanother fresh love interest. Him and Harley are the most compatible couples in DC. Red Tool combines the same Deadpool charm, albeit with a crazy streak. How so? His way of expressing interest in Harley is to stalk her and abduct her into introducing himself. The relationship doesn't hit off, considering Harley sees Red Tool as nothing more than a friend. She does eventually warm up to him. But that's that.


Harley will do anything in her might for the Clown Prince of Crime. It doesn't matter whether Joker's plan is detrimental to innocents or to Harley herself. Harley is responsible for jailbreaking the Joker in the first place. Theirs is a partnership-relationship kinda love, where they spread waves of terror across Gotham.

Harley is Joker's poster girl for mayhem, chaos, and terror. Although Quinn and Joker have had some good times, more often than not their relationship is abusive. Joker and Harley pretty much qualify for the phrase 'match made in hell'.


Sometimes an ally, sometimes a romantic interest, Poison Ivy and Quinn have been-there, done-that. Joker and Quinn's romance came to be known as unhealthy. While, Ivy and Quinn's romance has many layers. From end zone to friend zone, there is a complicated romance that brews between Quinn and Ivy.

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The two women are, "Girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy". They know monogamy is a tricky concept and they respect it well enough. This is a couple that likes to do a record for Lex Luthor and take Bruce Wayne shopping. Ivy saved Harley from Joker and the Harley betrayed Joker for Ivy.


Meet Mr. and Mrs. Smith of DC. When it comes to love interests, Harley Quinn is pretty fluid. The girl's gotta heart for both: Thesis and his antithesis (Batman and The Joker).

Quinn hasn't shied away from kissing Batman on numerous occasions, exemplified in Batman: The Animated Series. Not that you'd expect some purpose out of this romance, although Batman does work at reforming her. This is more of a feel-good romance with a softspot on both sides.


In Batman and Harley Quinn, you get a glimpse of some gentle comedy. Men just can't keep themselves off Harley, can they know? In the story, after Nightwing has searched the entire city looking for Quinn, he finally finds her.

What does the Queen of romance do? She ties Nightwing to her bed, slips into a raunchy outfit and seduces him.

In another, it is revealed that Harley Quinn and Nightwing get married in DC's future. In Old Lady Harley #2, Dick Grayson is referred to as Harley Quinn's ex-husband. Maybe just a gag, but a good one.


Ever wondered what Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy have in common? Their romance with Harley Quinn. Seems like DC is that awful pub where everyone bumps into everyone they have slept with. This one comes from Quinn's personal account in Harley's Little Black Book. 

Quinn makes an admission to breaking into Diana's apartment and gassing her unconscious. Diana wakes up in the bathtub, dressed as Harley Quinn. When the Amazonian woman confronts Harley, the latter tells her it is the beginning of their romance.


By this point, it should be clear that if Harley wants you, she will get you. Shazam doesn't know to play around with words, so he's  up straight with Harley. In Injustice Gods Among Us, Shazam says, "Harley, Listen. I like you a lot." But what's that old saying, duty is the death of love or is love the death of duty?

In the wake of Superman killing Joker, Harley convinces every guy to join the insurgency, Shazam too. Shazam declines the offer, telling Harley he saved her for a "lot of reasons." As Harley places a kiss on Shazam's cheek, he warns her to be careful. Sweet.

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