10 DC Hero Groups You Wouldn't Think Are More Powerful Than The Avengers (But Actually Are)

Though Marvel Comics has assembled earth's greatest heroes to battle against the deadliest of super-villains and the biggest catastrophes, DC Comics has about 10 superhero teams who you wouldn't think are actually more powerful than The Avengers. Back in 1963, Marvel originally put together Ant-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and the Wasp in the lineup of The Avengers #1. Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, wasn't included as part of superhero team until the fourth issue, when he was unfrozen from the ice. The Avengers have grown in numbers and have accepted members who have been mutants, aliens, androids, and former villains.

What makes a good team work together when many people hold to their own stubbornness, refuse to compromise, and clash with different personalities? In The Avengers #1, Thor found himself unable to defeat his own Asgardian brother, Loki, by himself. Though reluctant at first to even ask for help, Thor eventually found himself recruiting a team of heroes. Because these five superheroes were able to put aside their differences, they were finally able to work together for one common goal. After defeating Loki, Wasp quickly came up with their superhero name.

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10 Teen Titans

Robin, being trained by the very best,  would actually know how to defeat the Avengers by studying their every move and block every incoming attack. What makes the Titans really different than the Avengers is the fact that they started out as friends. Because of their young ages, Kid Flash, Robin, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl were all sidekicks who wanted to escape the shadows of their mentors. On the intense battlefield, the Teen Titans have something to prove to themselves and to others; so defeat isn't an option for them at all.

9 Metal Men

The Metal Men are composed of six artificially advanced intelligent robots created by scientist Dr. William Magnus. The ever loyal Lead is able to use his thick shields to block radioactive blasts from enemies. The strongest robot ever, Iron is the best fighter among the group. The rebellious Mercury is able to shrink to small sizes and melt objects with his robotic hands. Just like Platinum, Tin is able to stretch and flatten his body. As the leader of the team, Gold is able to extend his arms and legs in an unlimited capacity.

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8 Justice League

When you have the Trinity, which includes Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, working together on a mission, super-villains have been known to start running when they show up. Not only have these three distinct heroes learned to work together, they have also included Green Lantern, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, and the newcomer Cyborg as their teammates. In the New 52 era, the Justice League formed when a Parademon appeared in Gotham City. Rallying in a united front against an evil overlord, they fought together when Darkseid commenced his invasion of Earth.

7 Justice Society of America

The Justice Society of America initially included Doctor Fate, Hawkman, the Spectre, Green Lantern, the Flash, and the Atom. Even though the founding members, such as Jay Garrick and Alan Scott, have lived to a ripe old age, they won't back away from a fight when the universe is in danger, like in Zero Hour. In the recent Doomsday Clock, Doctor Manhattan witnessed an important event in history, the origin story of the JSA forming together. Even though Doctor Manhattan messed with the timeline, reporter Lois Lane wouldn't let their heroics be forgotten and found evidence of their existence.

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6 L.E.G.I.O.N.

When you are able to control an untamed and murderous beast such as Lobo,  you can practically accomplish the impossible. The intergalactic bounty hunter known as Lobo is part of an interplanetary police force known as L.E.G.I.O.N. When one of Lobo's space dolphins was murdered, team leader, Vril Dox used the opportunity to convince the most-feared mercenary in outer-space to join his squad. Dox is one of the very few to learn that when Lobo gives his word, his bond is unbreakable. Lobo is part of a peace-keeping force that includes Strata, Lyrissa Mallor, and Garryn Bek.

5 Justice League Dark

Sometimes, the supernatural has a way of defying modern science and technology. Experts on the paranormal and mysticism, the Justice League Dark featured John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, and Zatanna. During the New 52 era, the Justice League Dark came together when a witch goddess suddenly went insane. When Enchantress unleashed a wave of chaos, shunned outcasts who were once loners realized they were the world's only hope. It was the supernatural team's unconventional methods and radical ideas that made them triumphant against their common foe.

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4 Doom Patrol

Sometimes being weird has its own benefits. Not only does the ragtag team of super-powered oddballs fight to save the world, they also fight to save themselves. Led by Dr. Niles Caulder, the original team consisted of Robotman, Elasti-Girl, and Negative Man. In their previous lives, the Doom Patrol were once ordinary people dealing with their own personal issues. Before he became Robotman, Cliff Steele suffered from bouts of depression. During the "Blackest Night" crossover event, Robotman and Negative Man found a way to trick, not fight, a Black Lantern, who was a zombie-like version of their fallen teammate, Negative Woman.

3 Green Lantern Corps

The law enforcement group, known as the Green Lantern Corps, have been in existence for three billion years. The duty of the Green Lantern Corps is to patrol the farthest reaches of outer-space. Kilowag is the muscle of the group, Hal Jordan is the brains, and John Stewart represents the strength that holds the team together. Though he may be a rookie to the extraterrestrial police force, Kyle Rayner uses his imagination when he constructs objects with the green ring. While Guy Gardner may be a punk towards others, he refuses to back down from a fight.

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2 Birds of Prey

At times, the world needs to be saved by an all-female superhero team who knows how to kick butt. As a crime-fighting duo, Batgirl and Black Canary first formed an unbreakable friendship. They then extended their friendship to other female heroes and offered them assistance. Over time, the Birds of Prey started adding more members, which included Huntress, Dove, Hawkgirl, and Catwoman. As the heart of the team, Black Canary is always passionate and idealistic. Always on the move, the Birds of Prey have fought crime in the gritty streets of Gotham City, Metropolis, and California.

1 Legion of Super-Heroes

How does a team of about 35 lead heroes stick together in the 30th century? The Legion of Super-Heroes formed their own club because Superman is their inspiration. In their origin story, Lightning Boy, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic boy time-traveled to the past to meet their popular idol. Having traveled too far, the trio met with a young and naive Superboy instead. Following the values of the iconic legend, the Legion of Super-Heroes risked just about everything, even when they were at a breaking point, to defeat Darkseid in "The Great Darkness Saga."

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