Less Is Thor: 17 DC Gods Way More Powerful Than Thor

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The Mighty Thor is one of the strongest and most formidable gods in the Marvel Universe. Besides his enormous physical strength, incredible durability, and high skill in combat, he can also manipulate energy, space, and time. Thor can also control the weather and open great chasms in the earth. As an immortal god, he doesn't need to sleep or eat, doesn't get sick, and is highly trained in the arts of battle. With his great war hammer, Mjolnir, Thor's skills are amplified, blocking energy blasts and bending the elements to his will.

He even can channel the dreaded "God Blast" -- an energy blast so powerful it has shattered his war hammer and other divine implements, even cracking the armor of the Celestial Exitar. This Asgardian War God has even humbled the likes of The Incredible Hulk, who stated that Thor with Mjolnir is one of the only opponents he considers a threat. How does one take on such a powerful God with so many abilities, one even the Hulk fears? We have a few ideas of who could rain on the Thunder God's parade. Read on to see which DC gods CBR thinks are way more powerful than Thor!

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Of course our beloved Diana of Themyscira would make this list. Daughter of The Amazons, endowed with superhuman speed, reflexes, healing, a highly skilled tactician, and of course, super strength (amongst other godly endowments) all make this goddess a powerful opponent against any who dare cross her path. Said to be stronger than Hercules himself, Wonder Woman is beautiful, highly intelligent, durable, and strong beyond belief.

What can we say here that hasn't been said about her before? Possibly the most iconic superheroine of all time, and has defeated many foes since she started gracing the pages of DC back in 1941, including Ares and Nekron. We'd put Wonder Woman's sword and other weaponry against that of Thor and his hammer any day of the week! PLus, let's not forget that she has lifted his hammer, meaning she is just as worthy (if not more so) than he!


"As long as there will be war, there will be Ares..." Being the immortal God of War, it goes without saying that DC's Ares would of course posses the powers of an ultimate warrior, such as immense strength, and endurance. He is also a master of strategy, and has the ability to wield any weapon. Ares can control dark matter, teleport anywhere he wants, and can directly control minds.

His destruction has made him a long-time enemy of Wonder Woman and all The Amazons, but perhaps Ares' most powerful and terrifying ability is to spread conflict and discord -- which causes the very devastation and death that fuel his insatiable energy and blood-lust. Like fighting fire with fire, how does anyone -- even a god of thunder -- fight the personification of a perpetual event like war?


He may have just caught the public's eye in the recent release of Justice League, but Steppenwolf originally debuted back in 1972. He is an immortal, bloodthirsty God of Apokolips, uncle to Darkseid, and leader of his Parademon Armies. Wielding an electrically charged war ax, this Elite of Darkseid's Inner Circle has wreaked havoc in countless ways. He was responsible for the murder of the Highfather's wife, Avia -- an event which sparked a renewal in the war between the gods of Apokolips and New Genesis.

Steppenwolf is not only a ruthless badass, but he is a crafty fellow as well. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when Darkseid and a crew was scouting other planets for resources, they came across the artificial killer being known as Doomsday. This being is so powerful it almost destroyed the entire crew, leaving Darkseid in a perilous state, until Steppenwolf came to the rescue.


What happens when evil energy is exorcised from the bodies of pacifists into a nether-realm over eons? In the inter-dimensional world of Azarath, they got Trigon. The embodiment of pure evil, he killed his mother upon his birth. By the tender age of six, Trigon had completely destroyed his home world and moved on to conquering others. By 30, he had conquered his entire dimension and destroyed several million worlds. That's quite the record of evil doing!

With his mystical Power Staff in hand, Trigon blasts away his enemies and manipulates patterns of force. His powers are myriad and seemingly endless, and he is father to The Seven Deadly Sins. Perhaps this is why Trigon the Terrible is recognized as "Satan" by The Church of Blood. To date there is no evidence of this, but Lord Trigon is still one we'd rather avoid in church or battle.


Darkseid, Supreme Ruler of the planet Apokolips, worshiped as the "God of Evil," commander of a legion of powerful creatures known as The Parademons, and holds court to some of the most depraved, sadistic, and powerful beings in the universe. That all makes sense, considering Darkseid gained his powers by causing the Old Gods to turn on one another, then killing them in their weakened states.

Known for his unparalleled strength, Darkseid's brain is equal to his brawn. Able to control others, his main mission is to find the "Anti-Life Equation," which would give him his ultimate desire -- take over all free will in the sentient universe. Oh, and he can also shoot ray beams from his eyes called "The Omega Sanction" that disintegrate, resurrect, or teleport, depending on his will! Darkseid's been quoted by DC as "the single most dangerous villain in the universe."

12 RAO

According to Kryptonian mythology, Rao is the first sentient being to have appeared out of the Void before the creation of the universe. Rao then made the universe to satiate his boredom. The planet Krypton was meant to be "a jewel of his creation," where he housed the Kryptonian gods. Made of his own essence and endowed with superpowers, these "godlings" called him "Father Rao" including his last surviving son, Kal-El -- known to us lesser mortals as Superman.

But Rao isn't just the mere creator of all things, he is also seasoned in the skills of war. He is said to have waged a great battle with the evil Cythonna. Considering she is the Goddess of Ice, and Rao is a Sun God, one could see how they wouldn't get along. Rao ended "The Wars of Fire & Ice" by capturing and imprisoning his imposing foe.



This bad-goddess-gone-good of Apokolips speaks loudly and carries a big stick. A tough survivor, Barda Free was taken from her home as a child and raised in the demented Granny Goodness' "Home for Orphaned Youth" -- where the motto is "Die for Darkseid". Groomed to one day lead a ferocious group of female warriors known as The Female Fury Battalion, Barda is a fierce and skilled warrior who even gave Wonder Woman a run for her money.

Barda had a change of heart when she encountered her now hubby, Mister Miracle, during a raid. Deciding to turn on the evil of Darkseid and serve the greater good, Barda helped them escape to Earth, where they settled to live "typical" lives. But, the battles still wage on, and though Miracle can hold his own, it is Barda who takes off the apron to don her armor and fight.


Originally debuting in 1960, The Guardians of the Universe are said to be some of the most powerful beings in the DCU. Having evolved over 10 billion years ago on the planet Maltus, these beings have gained demi-god like status with their immortality and abilities to manipulate time, space, matter, and harness the Willpower of all living things. They are the ones who created the Central Power Battery to harness this power, and from which the Green Lanterns gain their ability to create hard light constructs.

The Guardians were nearly wiped out when facing Parallax, a Fear Entity. The only one who survived was Ganthet. He then went on to create new Power Rings and even help empower other Guardians. He may be small, but Ganthet's immense powers are eloquently summed up in Green Lanterns: Rebirth, when Kyle Rayner stated that Ganthet "could crack a planet with a thought".


Condemned for the crime of betrayal, The Phantom Stranger is cursed -- one who will forever walk the world alone, a stranger to all he meets. Like the Greek goddess Cassandra, The Stranger's curse also includes the ability to foresee events, but is unable to intervene directly. He has appeared during some of the most pivotal points in history, attempting to influence others where he cannot act directly.

What his true origins, purpose, even real name are, nobody knows. What is certain is that this immortal is incredibly powerful. The Phantom Stranger doesn't use it much, but he has incredible magical powers, including "spectral sight," the abilities to cast and dispel, transmutate, and blast fire energy bolts of great force. He can also manipulate reality and time, sustain himself under even the most extreme conditions, and travel at will between dimensions (no BOOM! tubes required).


If you thought your family was dysfunctional, check out The Endless. Their origins are unknown, and they are at least as old as the concepts they represent -- Destiny, Death, Despair, Desire, Destruction, Delirium, and Sandman (formerly Dream). These inconceivably powerful siblings fulfill their functions as embodiments of natural forces through individual realms in which they are absolutely sovereign.

Were it not for an ancient rule requiring not to spill the blood of family, they probably would have destroyed each other by now (and what a battle that would be!). These ageless, shapeshifting, teleporting, omnipotent, highly magical beings could each stand against a god like Thor well on their own. As a group they'd be unstoppable, and have been the bane and saviors of everyone from Rao to Constantine to Lucifer Morningstar. Death would be especially formidable on her own. How do you kill Death herself?


Unless you're a fan of the Deadman comics, have seen Justice League Dark, or the short-lived animated series Justice League Unlimited, you may not recognize Rama Krushna. She was originally introduced to the DCU back in 1967 in Strange Adventures, #205, "Who's Walking on my Grave?" (which was also when Deadman was introduced). The Goddess of balance and karma in the universe, Rama Krushna is the being who transformed Boston Brand into the Deadman.

Considering she is an eternal goddess who cannot be killed, along with vast divine powers she possesses, including flight, dimensional and time manipulation, shape shifting, soul absorption, and even a sonic scream -- we at CBR are pretty sure that Thor would get "hammered" by Karma in a face-off with Rama.


As the King of the Gods (Olympians), and God of Lightening, Earth and the skies, Zeus has a host of divine powers. These include many that are very similar to Thor's -- immortality, super strength and speed, invulnerability to pretty much all known destructive forces, control over the weather, and highly skilled in combat. He once fought a battle against the terrifying Typhon, known as "The Father of all Monsters" because of his deadly skills in war.

Typhon scared off even the other gods, but Zeus walked out like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino and lightning bolted that sucker into submission. Considering that He is King of the Gods, and far more powerful, we're gonna go with Zeus. You can pick the Marvel or DC version, either would win, in our humble at opinion. Regardless, we at CBR think Zeus Vs. Thor would be quite the contest!


It is said that for every positive, there is a negative, and that without this balance, our very existence would become unstable. Who would be monstrous enough, even a villain, to want to risk that -- nonetheless make that their very purpose? Meet the Anti-Monitor. Conqueror of the Anti-Matter Universe, master of "shadow demons", and destroyer of countless universes. He's capable of consuming both matter and anti-matter, as well as making and unmaking matter. and altering reality itself.

The Anti-Monitor has been the cause of more deaths than anyone else in the DCU, and also the bane of some of their most powerful super heroes. There isn't much you can do to stop him, so if you do cross paths with Anti-Monitor, best run and pray to the Mother of Azaroth, or whomever your preferred deity is!


White Lantern

The Entity is the embodiment of "the living light bestowed upon this universe that triggered existence itself." No one knows if it came into our universe on purpose or by accident, but The Entity's power spread life and matter throughout the DC universe, starting from the planet Earth. This power also triggered emotions and created the Emotional Entities, including Parallax and Ion, and is the power behind the supreme White Lantern ring and battery.

White is comprised of all other colors in the spectrum, which makes it the most powerful of all colors, light, and physical entities, so long as it has a host (like Sinestro or Kyle Rayner, for example). Considering these factors, and its many powers of ultimate creation and resurrection, it seems a sure bet that The White Light Entity, with its host, would be capable of any beating opponent, including Thor.



The Lord of the Un-living, Nekron is a a cosmic force for evil, one that opposes all existing life. He isn't alive or dead, ruling a realm that borders Heaven and Hell, where souls go before Final Judgement -- what we know as Limbo or Purgatory. Receiving his vast powers from the souls that are trapped within his realm, he is constantly trying to entrap more, or take over the realm of the living. He has the abilities to summon the dead to perform his will, end the life of any mortal being by mere touch, and was able to capture the Anti-Monitor for a time.

Nekron is stated to be the universe's response to the White Light of having pierced the darkness of existence -- he was that darkness. Countless ages after the coming of sentient life into the universe, the darkness created its own Guardian, much like the Guardians of the Universe guard the White Light. That Guardian is Nekron. We at CBR aren't sure how one would fight that, even a skilled warrior god like Thor.


A character brought to DC from Vertigo, Elaine Belloc is just your ordinary girl. Until she encounters Lucifer and learns she is in fact the daughter of the Angel, Michael, endowed with powers that make her anything but "ordinary." She winds up on a wild adventure where she travels to Heaven and Hell and back, becomes ever closer to her "best friend," Lucifer Morningstar, and holds her father as he dies. This last event transfers to her a great power that he holds -- the power of Yahweh, the "Dunamis Demiurgos".

Shortly after absorbing this great power, she accidentally creates another universe, in which she and Morningstar become trapped until she gets the hang of the whole "creation" thing. And that is how an ordinary little girl named Elaine became an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient being known as "The Presence," with powers that rival those of Lucifer himself.


Considered the most powerful and beautiful of the Angels created, Lucifer Morningstar tops this list as one of the most powerful beings in the DCU. Having rebelled against God, he was cast down into a realm we would later call Hell. After ruling for 10 billion years, he grew bored of his existence, as any one would, and sought a way to escape God's fate and power. He left Hell in the rule of others, cut off his wings, and proceeded to do what any retired Devil does -- head to Los Angeles and open and piano bar.

"The Lightbringer" remains unsatisfied until he is able to escape God completely by creating his own universe. His nigh-omniscience enables him to remain steps ahead of his opponents, he can manipulate reality on any scale, and create and destroy just about anything. Lucifer Morningstar is definitely not one to take lightly.


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