EXCLUSIVE: DC's Freedom Fighters Make Their Triumphant, Nazi-Punching Return

What about villains? Are we going to be seeing some familiar faces here or are you inventing new Earth-X threats

Bit of both. We're taking DC concepts and applying them in different ways. So for example, Plastic Man doesn't exist on Earth-X because he was captured by the Nazis and they extracted his DNA, his ability to shape shift. And now they've used that science and applied it to an entire force of covert agents called the "PlaSStic Men." So there's a new SS, and they live among the American population. They can literally be anybody. They could the person who works in the store, someone in your life. They could be your next door neighbor and they're always living in secret -- they're a force that everybody knows is out there, but not where they are. It keeps the American population living in abject terror all the time.

EXCLUSIVE: A page from Freedom Fighters #1

In their default form, all the PlaSStic Men look exactly the same. Their appearances, their uniform -- they all have the blue eyed, blonde hair, but you very rarely see them in that form, because they're always under cover. [EDITOR: You can get your fist look at the PlaSSticMen here.]

The Nazis have another force, too, that's much more visible called the Bozos, which are these giant walking robots to patrol the city. Anything gets out of line or anything goes wrong, you have this huge building size robot.

Tone-wise, is this going a little more camp and black humor or are we dealing with something more serious?

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EXCLUSIVE: A page from Freedom Fighters #1

It's a pretty dark story. There's some lighthearted moments, and we've got the Freedom Fighters and their individual personalities. Also, in the way we handle some the PlaSStic Men and things like that, you know there can be a bit of a dark comedy to it. But you know, it's a very serious subject matter. I'd already been in that headspace dealing with Six Days, and, you know, the D-Day Invasion. My uncle jumped out of a plane and never came home. He never had all the things in life that I've been able to enjoy. So kind of being in that headspace really lends itself to a more serious story.

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