DC Expanding Walmart Line to Include TV, Movie Properties

Last year DC Comics launched a line of 100-page giant issues to be sold exclusively at Walmart stores, with the intention to create an easily accessible comic book format. The line currently consists of six titles, all of which include both reprints of older issues and exclusive new material. According to DC co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee, the Walmart line will expand to include DC's live action properties.

"So far, it's going well. We're continuing the program into September," Didio said of the Walmart line in an interview with ICv2. "The books are starting to come into the direct market, too. We actually have a couple of chains that we're looking to get in there as well.

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"We're starting to expand the program," he continued. "It was great to start with Walmart as a focal point, but right now, we're trying to expand the line so that these books capture a lot of the excitement that we are seeing in the media."

The new titles will be available both at Walmart and at other chains. "Anything that has a show or anything that's going on in the media right now, we're trying to build those types of books," Didio said. "They go out into the mass market so that somebody more casually aware of our characters finds something to read and hopefully gets exposed to our worlds."

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DC's current Walmart titles are Batman 100-Page Giant, Superman 100-Page Giant, Wonder Woman 100-Page Giant, Titans 100-Page Giant, Flash 100-Page Giant and Swamp Thing 100-Page Giant.

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