DC's Event Leviathan Gathers World's Greatest Detectives - and Plastic Man

Fans just got an idea as to which DC heroes are being targeted in the upcoming Event Leviathan story -- as well as potential clues as to why.

A new set of teasers for the event showcases the primary targets of Leviathan, and why these particular heroes are under scrutiny. While Leviathan seems to be fed up with some heroes (especially Batman and Manhunter), others are given more ambiguous statements. Green Arrow and Lois Lane receive what are essentially warnings about their current trajectories, with Leviathan even seeming almost sympathetic.

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Meanwhile, neither Batgirl and Plastic Man receive threats. Instead, they get invitations to join Leviathan's "new world order," which coincides with the offer Leviathan made to Batgirl in the pages of DC: Year of the Villain #1. Although Leviathan's identity is still unknown, Damian Wayne ends that issue convinced it's really Jason Todd, and the statements made to each hero would make sense coming from Jason, so perhaps Damian is on to something.

Event Leviathan explores the immediate aftermath of a widescale attack on the various intelligence agencies of the DC Universe. With the mystery organization behind it promising to move again in just a few hours, the assembled detectives will have to work together (even if they can't trust each other) to stop their plans.

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Check out the teasers below.

Event Leviathan #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, hits shelves June 12.

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