DC editor Rickey Purdin moves to Marvel as talent manager

With the move of DC Comics' editorial department from New York City to Burbank, California, rapidly approaching, Wednesday brought news of one DC editor who's staying on the East Coast while switching publishers: Rickey Purdin, a DC Comics associate editor, has moved to Marvel as the company's new talent manager.

"I can’t express how thrilling it is to join Marvel after so many years of reading these comics and being shaped by the characters, stories, and creative teams," Purdin said in a statement. "Aiding Marvel's extremely talented editorial team is a dream come true and incredible developments are already in the works."

Purdin looks to be filling a similar position to Jeanine Schaefer, Marvel's former senior manager of talent relations, who recently left the company before her planned move to Los Angeles. Purdin's new role at Marvel will be to "continue to escalate and bring awareness to the Marvel Comics brand by seeking out and cultivating the next generation of comic book writers and artists as well as working with Marvel's current pantheon of extraordinary creators."

Since 2011, Purdin has edited such DC titles as Batman/Superman, Batwoman, Batman Incorporated and, recently, the ambitious multi-part Grant Morrison-written epic The Multiversity.

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