The 10 Most Powerful DC Earth One Heroes, Ranked

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There's many different versions of Earth One throughout all of DC. There has been an Earth One seen in the Arrowverse and indeed the original Earth that we saw in the early DC comics was also known as Earth One.

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There have been other famous Earth One comics that look to reinvent famous heroes and after the big DC 52 event the main reality on Earth was renamed Earth 1. This list is therefore looking at some of the most classic DC heroes of all time and ranking them in terms of their abilities and power, who have been in a version of Earth One!


The Atom first appeared in very early comics during the 1940s under a different comics company. Once DC comics merged with them though a version of the Atom was introduced into Earth One, alongside some of the other classic DC characters.

The Atom has always had a similar set of powers. He can shrink down to unbelievable sizes and grow to a height much larger than the average human being. He can control his density and therefore strength and is intelligent enough to invent a number of gadgets that help in battle.


There has been a version of the caped crusader on almost every reality that has been created within the DC universe. Earth One is no different and is perhaps the most classic Batman that many readers would associate the character with.

His powers have not changed over time, with the man behind the mask featuring no enhanced abilities. However, his tactical skills and martial arts training is second to none and he has numerous gadgets and weaponry which are a crucial part of his toolkit.


The master of the oceans and King of Atlantis is a continuous and iconic character within the DC universe. This trident wielding hero has had a long and important history and plenty of opportunities to show off his level of powers.

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Back during the days of Earth One Aquaman was a little bit of a punchline, especially since he can talk to fish, a power that was often mocked. However, if unleashed in his element Aquaman is probably one of the most dangerous people on this list.


Shazam, or Captain Marvel, also has an incredibly rich and complicated history, not only within the universe and reality we are discussing but also in the wider context of comics. Once a version of Billy Batson was in the DC universe he was part of Earth One.

By yelling Shazam the young boy could turn into a superhero beyond his wildest imagination. His powers could be compared to that of Superman or other Kryptonians but he is not higher on this list due to his inexperience and lack of tactical prowess.


The scarlet speedster was the first one to really put an emphasis on the fact that there were multiple realities. Due to there being two Flashes on two worlds the writers created both Earth One and Earth Two, for Barry Allen and Jay Garrick respectively.

The Flash is one of the fastest men alive and during the early days of Earth One was almost unmatched in terms of his abilities. The current modern universe features hundreds of speedsters which could impact the Flash's title as the fastest, but during the Earth One period it's fair to say that he's one of the most powerful meta humans.


The alien from Mars has been a significant member of the Justice League and a hero of Earth One. His tragic backstory has only motivated him to use his impressive abilities to fight for justice for all of humanity, turning away from his manhunting days.

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The powers of the Martian are truly incredible, with flight and shape shifting abilities topping the list. However, it's his physic attacks that have the most potential. He can get inside your mind, manipulating an enemy or perhaps even aiding an ally.


The wielder of a ring of power and the man that gets all of his strength from his will; the Green Lantern, in this universe Hal Jordon, is one of the most powerful beings in all of that reality. His role in the Lantern Corps means that he's a protector both on Earth and in space.

He can use this willpower and his ring to create constructs from his imagination. There is almost no limit to what he can do therefore, although earlier versions of the character seemed to build very basic constructs like giant boxing gloves or guns.


The Amazonian warrior has been an incredible hero of Earth for some time. One of the earliest and most icnonic heroes on Earth One and a member of the original Justice League, Wonder Woman has always been presented as more powerful than most other characters.

Almost at the level of a goddess with her endurance, strength and durability, Wonder Woman has carved out a unique set of abilities. She wields both a shield and the lasso of truth during battle, alongside a sword and her fists, which have been well trained in years of combat trials in Themyscura.


It may be surprising for many to learn that Kara was actually a part of Earth One and has been around in the comics for some time. She is almost at the top of this list as the powers of a Kryptonian are very rarely rivalled by other humans.

She has a number of abilities that makes her stand out including her flight, strength and lazer eyes, but it is her ability to create hope that usually has so many people motivated to help with the course of justice. There is of course one other who could best her in battle.


Superman will always be presented as Earth's most powerful hero no matter what reality he is in. The alien son of farmers has become a symbol of everything that is good and just in the world. He has backed this up with his many feats of heroism.

The list of abilities that Superman possesses is almost too long to write out, however it's what he is able to do with them that is key. Clark Kent has completely realised his full potential and is almost unstoppable. It's fair to say that there is no other hero on Earth One that can stand again the man of steel.

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