DC does free overship of 'Flash #184'

Official Press Release

THE FLASH shifts into high gear this March with the arrival of issue #184, kicking off the 4-part storyline "Crossfire," with DC providing retailers with a free 50% overship of the issue (JAN020590), all scheduled to arrive in stores on March 27. The quantity is based on initial orders only.

THE FLASH has quickly become a critical and fan-favorite success, thanks to the efforts of the book's creative team of writer Geoff Johns, artists Scott Kolins & Doug Hazlewood, and cover artist Brian Bolland. Now the subplots that have been brewing since the beginning of their run come to a head in THE FLASH #184.

The new, deadlier-than-ever Rogues Gallery, formed in THE FLASH: IRON HEIGHTS one-shot (STAR13945), spins its plan into motion as the villains decimate the Central City police force, luring the Flash into their grasp. Meanwhile, Keystone City is overrun by the Thinker as he takes control of its communications system and "plugs in" every citizen of the Flash's hometown - turning the town into a giant computer memory bank.

With the full force of the new Rogues, and the newer, more powerful Thinker, it's more than the Flash can handle at one time. Even though he's the fastest man alive, Wally can't be everywhere at once - and that means something's bound to break.

"This book has been a dream," says Editor Joey Cavalieri. "The creative team has achieved a great deal both individually and collectively. They've changed readers' expectations of what they're capable of, completely reconfiguring their approach to their work and reinventing themselves in the process. Together, they've reinvented THE FLASH, all the while managing to stay one step ahead of the audience."

The opening chapter of "Crossfire" and the concurrent release of THE FLASH: BLOOD WILL RUN TP (JAN020592) coincides with a promotional campaign designed to raise awareness of THE FLASH. The campaign combines both print and online promotions, and includes:

  • A four-color, 11" x 34" inch generic FLASH poster (PROMM0239) which arrived in stores in February with art by Scott Kolins and Doug Hazlewood.
  • THE FLASH minisite at dccomics.com, which features a free e-comic version of issue #170, the first story in THE FLASH: BLOOD WILL RUN and the first issue by Geoff Johns and Kolins, giving readers the chance to jump on board at no cost. The site also features character bios and links to information on upcoming issues.
  • Five pages of THE FLASH #184 appear as a free e-comic in the "Sneak Peek" section of dccomics.com.
  • An unprecedented 2-page centerspread advertisement in the pages of Comic Shop News #768 (in stores on April 6) presenting five pages of issue #184, along with review quotes from Wizard, Comics Buyer's Guide, herorealm.com, and thefourthrail.com, plus short interviews with Johns and Kolins, and Bolland's cover to THE FLASH: BLOOD WILL RUN. The ad also references FLASH backlist items and the minisite at dccomics.com.
  • House ads that reference THE FLASH minisite at dccomics.com.

"THE FLASH has been gaining momentum through word-of-mouth and good reviews, all based on the phenomenal work the creative team is doing," says Matt Keller, DC's Manager - Marketing Services. "With the start of this new storyline and the release of BLOOD WILL RUN, we wanted to help retailers focus customer attention on this great series."

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