DC Discontinues Alliance with Humanoids, 2000 A.D.

DC Comics today announced that the publishing alliance they had with European publisher Humanoids, announced in January of 2004, as well as their agreement with with 2000 A.D. have been discontinued. Reportedly the reason for the discontinuation is largely due to low sales within the American market. The full press release follows.

Official Press Release

DC Comics regrets to announce the discontinuation of its Humanoids and 2000 A.D. titles.

The company's respect for the Humanoids and 2000 A.D. stories, characters and talent, however, continues unabated, and we hope both lines are welcomed by a U.S. publisher better able to find deserving audiences for these titles.

The final Humanoids titles to be published by DC Comics will be THE INCAL VOL. 2: THE EPIC JOURNEY TP (APR050385) and TRANSGENESIS 2025 VOL. 1: ANCESTOR PROGRAM TP (APR050387), scheduled to arrive in-stores in June.

The final 2000 A.D. titles to be published by DC Comics will be THE BALLAD OF HALO JONES TP (APR050382), THE COMPLETE INDIGO PRIME TP (APR050383), and ROGUE TROOPER VOL. 2: FORT NEURO TP (APR050384), scheduled to arrive in-stores in June.

Titles from both lines published by DC Comics prior to these dates will continue to be available as backlist items.


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