DC Direct Introduces New Who's Who Mystery Box Sets

Official Press Release

DC Direct, the leading supplier of collectible products to comic book retailers for the past five years, introduces an exciting new product line this spring with the WHO'S WHO MYSTERY BOX SET SERIES 1!

Inspired by some of the most memorable moments in the history of the DCU, this series of micro trading figures features six of the greatest characters in DC Comics: Superman, Batman, The Joker, Shazam, The Flash and Green Lantern. Each figure comes in a "blind" mystery box for added collectibility.

In addition, bonus parts included with each figure can be combined to form a complete mini-Batmobile!

The six figures in the WHO'S WHO MYSTERY BOX SET SERIES 1 are:

"This new category will provide DC fans with an exciting new figure line to collect and trade," says Georg Brewer, VP - Design & DC Direct Creative. "Looking to future series, we plan to represent everyone's favorite heroes and villains in these iconic mini-figures."

"Buying and trading closed-box collectibles has long been a popular pastime in overseas markets. We're seeking to bring that fun to comic and entertainment stores in the US," says Jeff Trojan, VP - Business Development, DC Direct. "The 'mystery box' concept, tied to the DC Universe, is sure to kick off a frenzy of collecting and trading as fans try to get every figure - and ultimately complete the quest to build the Batmobile."

Retailers please note: THE WHO'S WHO MYSTERY BOX SET SERIES 1 are intended for individual sale to consumers but are sold to retailers in a counter display box that contains 20 individually sealed mystery boxes of DC Comics figures. Consult the October Previews Retailer Order Form for packaging and pricing details.

THE WHO'S WHO MYSTERY BOX SET SERIES 1 is solicited in the October Previews (Volume XV #10) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 31.

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