DC Tops March's Direct Market in Dollars, But Marvel Leads in Comics Sold

Detective Comics 1000 Jim Lee header

DC Comics pulled in more money from the Direct Market than any other comics publisher in March, thanks in large part to Detective Comics #1000 and its $9.99 cover price.

The oversized anniversary issue was the month's top-selling comics, leading the publisher to a 36.20% dollar share in dollars earned; Marvel came in a close second with a 34.46% dollar share. Helping DC even more was the fact that the publisher had seven titles rank in the top ten for the month, with The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 ranked #2, Doomsday Clock #9 ranked #3, Batman #67, Batman #66 ranked #5, Heroes in Crisis #7 ranked #6, and Justice League #20 ranked #10.

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While Marvel only had three titles in the top ten (Amazing Spider-Man #17 ranked #7, Amazing Spider-Man #18 ranked #8 and Spider-Man: City at War #1 ranked #9), it still managed to overtake DC in total issues sold, commanding 40.94% of the market. DC was second, commanding 34.00% of the market despite commanding seven of the top ten spots.

Image Comics was third in market share, with Dark Horse Comics ranking fourth for the month. IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios and Dynamite Entertainment rounded out the top five publishers for March 2019.

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