DC Delivers First Look at Bendis' Big Superman Event

Since Brian Michael Bendis arrived at DC Comics, the publisher has been teasing his first event: Leviathan. Reportedly tying together the titular group, Spyral and Checkmate, the event is set to have major implications for the DC Universe as a whole. DC Comics has now released a first look at Event Leviathan #1.

Written by Bendis and illustrated by frequent collaborator Alex Maleev, the event's first issue will upend the current status quo and reintroduce Leviathan as a world wide threat. There are two covers, one by Maleev and the other by Kenneth Rocafort. The first cover hints that Batman, Green Arrow and the Question will play important roles in the story. The variant cover for the issue positions Leviathan in front of the silhouettes of numerous characters. While it can be difficult to determine who most of the characters are, one figure seems to have the distinctive hairstyle of Ra's Al Ghul. Both covers also give fans their first look at Leviathan themselves.

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    • written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS
    • art and cover by ALEX MALEEV
    • variant cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT
    • The groundbreaking and always-inventive team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev (Jinxworld’s SCARLET, Marvel’s Daredevil) reunite on a mystery thriller that stretches across the DC Universe and touches every character from Batman to Superman to the Question to Talia al Ghul. With startling ease, a newly dangerous and aggressive Leviathan wipes out all its competition and now turns its sights to molding the world into its vision of order. Can the new threat’s growth be stopped...and who’s guiding its new agents of chaos?
    • ON SALE 06.12.19
    • $3.99 US | 1 of 6 | 32 PAGES
    • FC | RATED T+
    • This issue will ship with two covers.
    • Please see the order form for details.
    • Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.

    Following the events of Green Arrow #50, which saw a disenfranchised Oliver Queen seemingly forsaking the rest of the Justice League, it'll be interesting to see how he interacts with current Justice League member Batman during this event.

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    Event Leviathan #1 goes on sale June 12.

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